July 26, 2017


Okay I have been meaning to do a blog post on iceland but I have been so busy and lazy. I just put random pictures on here not in order but I do want to talk about my trip before I forget everything! Iceland was truly amazing. It was definitely an adventure and so spontaneous. We literally had zero plans besides picking up our rented RV. We brought a ton of food from home and only ate out a few times cause food is so expensive there. We drove a lot so we played A LOT of card games. It was so much fun. It also never gets dark in Iceland right now which was so fun but it was great because my family are night time people. I think we had dinner at 11 one night haha.

So day 1 we land on friday in Reykjavik in the morning and so we try to stay awake the whole day with jet lag. Even getting our RV was just so funny. We accidentally started loaded all of our stuff in a different RV. And of course dad was trying to set me up with the guy that works there. But what we did is we drove south of Reykjavik and then went around that little peninsula.  We saw beautiful horses and lighthouses and got to be in between two continents (europe and north america). We then explored Reykjavik and it is such a cool city. It was rainy that day but we didn't let it stop us. I think it only rained two days in iceland while we were there! In Reykjavik, graffiti is really big there but it is so clean and hip. Everything is very nice and colorful and european. We ate at this really good restaurant and they have a lot of baked goods. There is this really beautiful church in Reykjavik and we took an elevator up it. We also walked down to the coast. I really fell in love with this city!! Later we then went to the blue lagoon!!! Wow was it fancy and so amazing. It was so fun and definitely a highlight of the trip. It was the first thermal pool of the trip with mud masks you can put on. It was so beautiful!!

day 2 we started driving north and just exploring! When in iceland there are so many waterfalls! Our first one we went to we were just driving and saw it on the side of the road and then just decide to hike to the top! It was so beautiful. I wont be able to write down all the places we went because first I don't remember - and also they are so hard to spell. We stopped by this black sand beach and it was so pretty. I loved it cause no one else was there. We stopped in this really little town and got really good hot chocolate. It's so weird cause towns that have like 5 people living there have these really nice restaurants. We spent the night at this cute harbor town. It's actually where a part of walter mitty was filmed. But we walked up a little hill to a light house and it was sunset and so pretty but cold and windy. The ocean and sailboats were so pretty.

day 3 we started the day by going to this random park because we see this huge colorful trampoline thing with all these kids jumping on it. It looked so fun so we of course go on it! We went to Godafoss waterfall which was so pretty. It's the "gods of waterfalls". We stopped and got some really good icecream. We then saw some geisers.

day 4 we woke up and went to this cave with a pool in it. But it was too hot to swim in. We saw some more beautiful waterfalls, old sheep houses, and fed some horses who are so gorgeous!! We drove to the spot where walter mitty long boarded down a hill. It was so fun. We drove some more and ran into this cutest town ever!! We ate dinner there and this really expensive restaurant. The little town was really magical. There was mountains surrounding it and it was on the coast.

day 5 was glacier day! We drove a lot of the morning. But it was so worth it when we got to the glaciers. They were unbelievable. It was a perfect day out and it made the glaciers pop. We took a boat out which was really fun. We saw some seals swimming. We also went to this diamond beach which was really cool. There were little pieces of ice on the black sand. We then picked up some hitch hikers from the czech republic. They were two cute 18 year old girls. We stopped by some more glaciers with them. We drove them to this waterfall and camped there.

day 6 (probably my fav day) in the morning we hiked to the waterfall and it was gorgeous as always. We then drove those same girls to Vik. It has amazing black sand beaches and really cool lava rocks. On our way we decided to stop at this waterfall on the side of the road. As we were there we see these three girls running to and from their house having to cross a river carrying tables chairs food, cups, etc. haha they were the cutest iclandic girls. They made pancakes and coffee and were selling them like a lemonade stand. So we bought some of course. And my mom brought out the raspberry jam. And we drank water right from the stream from the waterfall. I think it was sanitary?? We picked up another hitch hiker in vik from egypt! He was the cutest man and also came to iceland because of walter mitty! He was traveling by himself. We went to this crashed airplane with him. It was a 2 mile walk to it which was long but it was worth it. Things we do for pictures! We then went to skogafoss waterfall. SO pretty. I can't decide what waterfall was my favorite but this one was close to the top!! I got a rain jacket and went way close to it. It was huge!! We then did a night hike to this 100 year old geothermal pool in the middle of the mountains! magical! It was so pretty!!! But the pool hadn't been cleaned for like ever and it was so green and mossy haha actually so gross and wasn't really warm. my mom walked a bit more and no joke found this amazing i mean AMAZING little hot pot. It was so secluded and no one was there. It was so warm - perfect temp. It was sandy and we basically scrubbed our whole bodies. I have never been so relaxed in my life. I am not joking. It was a free spa. It was the most magical thing I had ever done. We were there so long we didn't want to leave but it was midnight and we needed to head to bed. But really I can't stop dreaming about it...

day 7 we woke up to two beautiful waterfalls right next to us! It was such a fun campsite. The first waterfall you could walk behind which was so much fun. We got drenched. The next waterfall you could hike up to it or down to the very bottom. It was so fun and we got drenched again! We were so close to it. It was an adventure for sure. We then stopped in a town named hella cause why not!? We then hiked to a hot river which was really fun. We sat next to some drunk men which was entertaining.

day 8 we went to a little crater in the morning and picked up some more hitch hikers from ukraine. They were hilarious to say the least. They barely spoke english. They loved us. We tried to teach them card games. We took them to a secret little hot spring in the middle of no where. It was really nice! It was right off the road. We then took them to a huge waterfall and the a geiser. You could tell they didn't want to leave us haha.

day 9 we went to a waterfall and explored this national park. We then drove to Reykjavik and went to the flea market. You could try lots of baked goods and SHARK. yes i ate shark! and it was NOT good. We got icelands famous hotdogs and waffles which was yum. oh and we got icecream. good icecream. We chilled that night and played lots of rook.

day 10 we woke up and went to a geothermal beach! yes they brought in white beach sand and heated the ocean!! It's not that warm at all but there are hot springs right next to it and it is really nice. And it's free basically everything is free besides camping and food! We then went to church for our last stop! It was the highlight of my trip! It was this cute little branch! Except that day there were tons of people!! They said it was the most they had seen it since the Prophet had come. They even took a picture of the congregation. The Spirit was just so strong there. It was in Icelandic so we had a translator. The members are just so cute there.

Well that's a brief description of my amazing trip. It was so fun and so pretty. I highly recommend going to iceland. If you love adventure GO.

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