June 15, 2017

coming home

So I have been home 4 weeks...so I don't know how that happened. My mission feels like just yesterday but already feels like a huge blur. So I figured I should probably write about my last two days in the mission.

Those last days are really special. It was fun because we got to spend it in the valley and luckily it was only in the low 80's. We got to spend the night in the mission home for two nights. I was with Sister Fukushima the whole time. Love her. Monday night we got to proselyte with some sisters and meet the new missionaries! I felt really out of place not going to lie. I already felt like I was dying.

Tuesday we got to say goodbye to the missionaries heading to the mountains since it was transfer day. I then had my departing interview! I miss President a lot. He is so chill and the mission president I needed. We then just chilled a lot of the day which was really weird because we aren't used to doing nothing. We then got to go to the temple! All of us that were leaving. It was nice because my anxiety left and I could just feel so much gratitude for my mission in the temple. I always feel God's love for me most in His house. We then had our farewell dinner. We got to talk about experiences and people we taught. We then had a devotional with President and Sister Robinson. It was so special. I won't go into a lot of detail but let's just say there was a lot of tears. We all got to bear our testimonies. I'll never forget my last night in the mission.

Wednesday was the day! Let's just say there was a lot of anxiety. I didn't sleep that well the night before. It's weird because you dream about this day your whole mission and when the day comes you freak out a lot. well i did. I was in the same terminal as sister fukushima and sister grow. I boarded last so I dropped them off which was WAY sad let me tell ya. I sat next to Poppy and she talked my ear off the whole time haha. She is hilarious but that's a whole other story. But there aren't really any words to describe seeing your family for the first time in over 18 months. It was an awesome reunion & I was so happy. Who knows when my whole family will be all together again! I'm grateful I can be with them foreverrrrrr. As for now I am enjoying my time at home & trying to adjust to real life.

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