June 21, 2017

adjusting to life

So I have been home for over a month and I kind of can't believe it. My mission seems like a long time ago which kind of makes me sad. I just miss the simple life of the mission. It's been great being home though. And surprisingly I am adjusting well to normal life. Not gonna lie the day after I got home I kind of just cried the whole day but don't work I haven't cried since. I have been trying hard to keep my habits but it's sad how hard it is to keep them. I have been going to the temple almost every week! I think I missed a week. I got a nanny job with the wares. It's a great job and live right next to me. They have three kids and it's been just after school care for right now. Which has been really nice because I have been needed some extra time to do things. And sleeeeeppp! I'm still working on losing the mission weight...but it is slowly coming off. 

But really I have been mainly hanging with my family which has been really nice. I have gone on lots of hikes. Oh and I turned 23!! It was a really good birthday actually. I went to seattle with my family and kaitlyn. We went to do soaring over seattle which was so coooool! I wanted to doit over and over again. We got to ride a pedi bike! Haha it was so much fun. The guy was so funny and was blasting michael jackson. We ate at a really good sandwhich place and got molly moons icecream. People came over later for cake and we played volleyball. Oh and my best friend Kelsey got married! So crazy! It was a really nice and fun day! I still can't believe she is married. I went to utah for a weekend because Brittany had two baby showers so that was way fun. It was good hanging out with her before the baby comes. We swam and shopped and watched movies the whole weekend. It was very chill. I still need to get tan but I won't for a while because tomorrow I am leaving for Iceland!!! It will be cold haha but I am so excited!! So stay tuned for a Iceland post and lots of pictures! TTYL.

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