March 6, 2017

week 71: the book is true and blue

Monday, March 6th, 2017


It's been a good week here in show low! It's all kind of a blur. It's super windy here but is warming up finally! It snowed once this last week but I'm praying that's the last time it will snow.

Monday we had dinner with the Lewises and Deanna was there. I asked her if she wanted to meet with us again, she said no :( it's so sad seeing people accept our message, and then reject it.

Tuesday we had a lesson with Emma - we read the Book of Mormon with her since she hadn't read. It's hard because she can't read so she needs her mom to help her but her mom is not going to. We then had a lesson with the Raymonds and it was really good! We also read the Book of Mormon with them and the whole family was there! We then had a lesson with Kirby and his fiancé Shannon who isn't a member joined in!

Wednesday we had our first lesson with Rebecca. Honestly it didn't go as well as I would have liked. She has a lot of concerns- she has already been baptized, she won't pray in front of us, she won't read the Book of Mormon, and she had a bad past experience at church. A missionary's worst nightmare! We then had a lesson with Tewana, I think it was our last lesson with her since she is pretty active now. We then had a really good lesson with Joanna. She has been reading the Book of Mormon! We then had a lesson with the Tsosies. We then went to mutual for Show Low Ward and taught the youth how to teach the first discussion. It was so fun. I had two beehives and they were the cutest.

Thursday we had ZTM and I gave a training on teaching for commitment. It went well. I did it by myself. We then had a lesson with Zach. He won't get married for a while so who knows when he will get baptized! I want to be there though!

Friday was a long weekly planning because we really went in depth on getting people to church. We then had a lesson with Emma and it was actually pretty good. Sister Redmond came with us and the mom actually sat in on it. They said they would come to church but they didn't. We then had a lesson with Clarise. We resolved a lot of her concerns. It's hard cause she doesn't need to get married but she isn't ready for it she says. We then had a lesson with Aidan Williamson. We brought the 11 yr old cub scouts leader and so we could try to get Aidan to go. He still doesn't want to go to scouts.

Saturday we had no can be a hard day to have lessons because everyone is busy. We knocked on lots of doors. We are struggling to find people to teach- I know they are hereeeee. We then had correlation with our ward mission leaders.

Sunday none of our investigators came to church...BUT. God totally still blessed our efforts. This family randomly showed up to church. The dad is not active and hasn't been since he was 14 & his wife isn't a member and they have three kids. We are teaching them on Saturday and I am so excited! Also another nonmember came to church with his wife! We had a lesson with the Ramirez family, they didn't read so we read with them. That family is so awesome. We then had a lesson with the Tsosies about temples.

Here are some quotes that are from last conference about the Book of Mormon:

"We should never make reading the Book of Mormon seem like an onerous duty, like the gulping of nasty medicine to be swallowed quickly and then checked off with finality.” - President Nelson

"Every time I open the Book of Mormon, it is like turning on a switch--the Spirit flows into my heart and soul." - Elder Curtis Jr

"I am unaware of anyone who is diligently reading the Book of Mormon each day with pure intent and with faith in Christ who has lost their testimony and fallen away." - Elder Nattress

I'm so grateful for this book. I'm grateful for the sacrifice that was put into it. I'm grateful for Joseph Smith & for the faith & confidence that he had in Christ.

D&C 84:20-21 says "Therefore, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest. And without the ordinances thereof, and the authority of the priesthood, the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh."

I like this scripture and I know there is so much power in making and keeping covenants. Without these ordinances we wouldn't fully be able to access the Atonement of Christ.

I love it here and I love this work! Have a great week😘

--xo: sista fisha

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