December 15, 2016

week 58: #LIGHTtheWORLD

Monday, December 5th, 2016


Me again!! This week went by so fastttt. Even though it seems like everyone is canceling our lessons! Hey but we have four people on date! There was zero when I got here!

Monday night we had a lesson with Deanna at the Lewis'. They are so awesome. They bought us Thai food! The Spirit is so strong in her lessons. We had a lesson with Zach, it was good he opened up more. We tried to put him on date for feb 18 but he told us he would tell us in the he decided march, which is so far!! Idk we need to figure it out more.

Tuesday we had a lesson with a less-active named Sister Williams. She isn't quite ready to come to church though. We had a lesson with Tewana and Shenia. They are cute girls. We had a lesson with Jesse Hitchcock, he is a investigator kind of, well it's a part member family and the Jex's (senior couple) were teaching him. He has been going to church for years and years. The Jex's wanted us to come so we did. He is a cute man and he says he needs to figure some things, so idk how ready he is but we are seeing him again this week.

Wednesday all four of our lessons fell through...ah. But we met this part member family, Joana is the nonmember and she is super cute and they have 3 kids together but aren't married. She says she isn't ready to take the lessons but that we can go over and do like FHE's. We ate dinner with Sister Macgregor, ah I love her. We contacted this referral and all she wanted to do was Bible bash...I was like no...

Thursday we went to lunch with Brother Phil and Jackie to Annie's. Holy moly best grilled cheese sandwiches that I have ever had. We then had a lesson with the Ramirez family. We then had a lesson with Zach and it was crazy cause everyone was there but it was good. He just needs to live the law of chastity!!

Friday (happy birthday Sarah!) I was with Sister Szewczyk most of the day. Our companions went to MLC. It was good. We taught Jessica Mejia the 15 step program to stop smoking and it went really well! She really does have a desire to quit so I just hope she does it!! We then did service for a couple hours and made bread bowls for this community event called feast of carols. We then had a lesson with Clarise and it was so good!! She is progressing so well!! She says she is going to church but in Linden with her friend. We put her on date for Feb 4! And then after the lesson with find out she isn't actually married to Calvin... I'm like oh she needs to get married. We then had a really good lesson with Deanna! Ah it was so good. It was on the word of wisdom. And I really felt like we should put her on date so I asked her for Jan 28 and she accepted! Like immediately! The Spirit was so strong. I'm so grateful for it. The happiest times on my mission is when I can feel myself being an instrument in his hands.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with our stake president, President Williams. All the missionaries in the stake came and that was really good. We then helped some members in our ward move. All of our appointments canceled again! Haha but that's okay. And then we had meetings so it wasn't super eventful.

Sunday was fast sundayyyy, it was good. I ate bear at the Bairds last night. It was actually really good. Everyone goes hunting here so I get lots of meat. Nothing too eventful except the first presidency Christmas devotional! It was so good, I loved it. All the talks hit me hard. Serving a mission during Christmas is pretty magical. This is what I am doing, I'm telling others that Christ lives and because he lives we can have happiness! The most precious gift is Jesus Christ himself. I loved the talk on the Holy Ghost and spiritual gifts. I know that God has given all of us spiritual gifts and as we use them can be partakers of divine nature. And of course President Eyring's talk was amazing. Everyone wants peace in their life. And everyone can have it! The Savior birth & atonement is what gives us peace in this life. I'm grateful to be serving the Lord in this short time in my life and to be a messenger of peace.

& remember to do the 25 acts of service this Christmas!

john 8:12 says, "then spake jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." A quote that I like from President Monson, he says "if you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself." The more we let Christ into our lives, the more his light will shine through us!

Have a blessed week & go to church

--xo: sista fisha

our chapel has a light house

Decorating the Robert's Christmas tree

bored in the car

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