August 8, 2016

week 41: the garden of eagar

Monday, August 8th, 2016


I never know what to name the title of my emails, it's like trying to think of a caption for an Instagram pic. I feel like I just emailed. Well this week has been a bit odd. It's been good just not a normal week. It's the monsoon season here so it's been raining a lot! Literally thunder and lightening everyday but I LOVE it! And everything has been turning green! It's not as ugly ;)

Monday we had stake FHE. It was really good. We talked about callings and how if we have a willing and obedient heart then we can serve by the grace of Christ. Sometimes I think about all my inadequacies and compare myself to other missionaries. But I just can't do that. We all have different strengths. We then had a lesson with Gaylon. Paula Henrie came with us. He is still struggling with forgiving himself.

Tuesday we saw Donna, it had been so long since we had seen her because she was in the Dominican Republic. She is doing good, she is going to ASU soon so we only have one more lesson with her. She gets so into the scriptures and wants to know everything, she is cute. We then saw the Tisdells. Our lessons are so simple with them cause Sonny doesn't comprehend very much haha. We then saw Teri, Sister Ciminski came with us. I don't think she has the faith to stop smoking and that is the first step but she is doing well and has been coming to a little bit of church. We saw Amanda and taught her the restoration. She had a lot of questions but we felt like they needed to be answered so that made us late to all of our other apts. struggle. But Amanda said she would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! We then met with the Riveras and it was really good. She really opened up. It's cool to see the change in them in just a short while. We then had dinner with the Davis family (LA). It was really good. I really like them. And their 11 year old son isn't baptized. We want to start teaching him. They are a really great family.

Wednesday we had to go to Luna, New Mexico to help the elders pack up and clean their house out there because they are only going to go there for a day once a week. Elder Dale and his wife came up so it was a party haha. So that took up most of our day. We contacted Sandyn finally! She was at girls camp and she wants to take the lessons! We are excited cause our teaching pool is going down.

Thursday we saw Cyndie. Love her. We then saw Chelsea. She is doing good. We are a little worried about her though because she is dating her ex again. We saw Sister Markley and she is doing well. We then saw Jessica, she hasn't been coming super often since she was endowed so we wanted to check on her, it was POURING out. Seriously it was raining so hard we got so wet just going from car to door. We had a lesson with Gaylon. We really want him to meet with the bishop cause we think it will help him. We will see. We had a good lesson with him though. The Spirit is always so strong in his lessons. We then had a lesson with Daryl and it was really good.

Friday was the start of Eagar days. We had a booth but it was Friday and raining so no one was there...haha but we got lots of free food so I'm okay with it. The elders had a baptism for Haylie's grandma so we went, it was really cool to see. We then saw Sheila. She is doing good. She is so cute and really wants to get to the temple.

Saturday we had Eagar days again and it was a lot better. It didn't rain once and there were so many people! We saw a lot of less-actives and talked to a lot of nonmembers. It was really fun. We didn't have any lessons that day cause we were so busy doing the booth. So that felt weird. It was a productive day but just a different kind of productive.

Sunday was good, I mean I almost passed out cause I was so hungry but it's all good. Oh fast Sundays. Lots of people came to church so it was great! We saw Dave Jr and Dakota came. He is doing well. We had a lesson with Matt Larue. He is less-active and we talked about getting the priesthood. He is having a baby soon and wants to bless his baby. We then had a lesson with Brylee. She was having a bad day. Her family life is pretty crazy I feel so bad.

I was reading in this month's Ensign and there is a talk called "Rooted in Christ" by Elder Clayton. It's really good, I probably like it so much cause I like trees. But anyways he says, "Because we don't know when or how our challenges will come, or how long our personal seasons of winter or summer will last, we should set down our roots as deeply as we can into the only true source of nourishment for our sounds, the Lord Jesus Christ." He talked about how if we never experience personal storms & drought our roots never have the chance to become strong. I thought that was interesting, we do needs these hard times to grow and to become stronger! Ironically I was reading Jacob 5 this week (luckily Ashleigh told me to pay attention to it as I read it!) about the allegory of the olive tree. While I was reading it I could feel God's love for me so strongly. He never gives up on us, He loves us unconditionally. It ceases to amaze me. Jacob 5:53 says, "I may preserve unto myself the roots thereof for mine own purpose." God does not was us to "perish" but He knows what trials we can handle for a specific purpose. It's hard to understand these purposes but that's where faith and trusting in God come in.

In the Ensign are these quotes about conversion & I just love them.

"Conversion is not an end, but a beginning of a new way of life." - Elder Perry

"My conversion process continues as I try a little harder to be a little better each day." - President Hinckley

I can never be too converted unto the Lord. I am grateful to become more converted each and everyday.

Thanks for being awesome! 😘🌳

--xo: sista fisha

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