May 9, 2016

week 28: star wars, tacos & mothers

Monday, May 9th, 2016


This week has been so good! yay it was so fun talking to the fam and Kelsey and Kaitlyn! Can't wait to see you ALL in ONE year! Feels like forever though..

Monday we had FHE with the stake presidency! It was so fun!! We have FHE with them every first Monday of the month. Our stake president is the best. It's so fun being in a small town cause everyone knows you and the missionaries here are like celebrities. People ask for our picture quite often which is odd I got to look run way ready all the time jk that's a joke.

Tuesday we saw some less actives. Sunny and grandma (the Tisdells) and their son Colin are the BEST. Sunny got baptized a few years ago and he is a hoot. They want to get to the temple. Rachelle one of our investigators texted us and dropped us :( I never had a lesson with her but it was so. She is pregnant and is saying her hormones are wack and she is just so stressed. Our teaching pool is pretty low right now but we have our hopes HIGH. Tuesday night we got a car! #blessings we drove to Show Low to get it. We had to put some other Elders on bike oops. We then taught Jessica her last temple prep lesson! She is going to the temple in June!

Wednesday (maytheforthbewithyou) okay anyways, we had a lesson with Tyric. He is 17 and their family is recent converts and they want to get sealed but are waiting for their son Tyric to get the Aaronic priesthood. Hopefully he will, I guess he missed his last two appointments with Bishop. We ate dinner with Mark and Lenna Hamblin. They live in Nutrioso which is about 30 minutes away. Their home is very nice. We had a lesson with Dave Erickson SR and his daughter Haley. David is so funny. He is pretty much blind. They are both recent converts. We then had a lesson with Donna, one of our investigators. She is about to graduate and she is very cute. She has a boyfriend on the mission and we think she is waiting to get baptized until he gets home...She is so solid though and goes to seminary.

Thursday (CINCODEMAYO) we met with Cyndie (less-active). She is a bit crazy. She smokes and likes to talk a lot. People are a bit crazy up here in Eagar. We saw Sally and taught her the importance of paying tithing. She is a less-active who wants to get to the temple. We had dinner at Steve Hamblin's, it was his birthday so we had tacos of course. We had a lesson with the Armijo's (recent converts). They are very cute and I love them.

Friday we went out to lunch to Avery's (really good bbq) with Brother Ayres. He takes us out to lunch every week #blessings. We had weekly planning pretty much all day. We then went to Daryl's and had dinner with them. He then taught us the plan of salvation. I love the Gilliams. They gave us a referral and we have been trying to see her since. She never answers but she has puppies who just chill on her deck and they are the CUTEST. They are so chubby and I love them. I might have to steal one. jk.

Saturday we did a ton of service. That morning we went with Dave Erickson and Lisann and her family to go branding!! hahaha yes I helped brand cows. It was a little sad but it was so fun. We got to sit on the cows (which was a little hard cause they move a lot when they get branded) but who wouldn't/ ouchhhh. It was a little sad to watch but it was so different. I am definitely not in Scottsdale anymore. Also we get free dairy queen every week which is so bad but so good! We helped the Ballejos pack and move. And then we helped Dave Erickson Sr move stuff around in his yard. haha I don't even know. He has so much junk in his yard. He wanted us to level out this area in his yard so we dug this ashes and put them into a wheelbarrow and then he takes the wheelbarrow and dumps it 20 ft away we are like WHAT DAVE. haha he is so funny. He is such a hoarder. I love his daughter Haley, she is 14 and is the cutest. We went over to his son's Dave Jr and taught him a lesson. He really wants to get baptized but he is on probation so we need to talk to President about it. 

Sunday (HAPPYMOTHERSDAYMOM) shout out to my amazing mother. She is the best xoxo. We had a lesson with Sheila, we think she is sill smoking and she wants to go to the temple. She is really funny and loves to talk.

I'm really just trying to get to know everyone. Missionary work is very different up here. Like I really am in a different world.

Thank you for all your support. It means a lot! I love your emails and pictures! I'm having so much fun up here with my companion and the people of round valley.

A quote from a talk I read this week, "Fill your life with service to others. As you lose your life in the service of Father in Heaven's children, Satan's temptations lost power in your life" -Elder Scott. I love it and I love serving others. Getting lost in His work and serving His children is the best use of my time right now. There is no more important work than lifting his children up. When we serve others there is no room for satan.

I love you alllll have a blessed&safe week


sista fisha 

Mark Hamlin in Nutrioso


Matching with Dave

Branding is my new hobby

Skyping the fam!!!

Virtual house tour ft. bae

Eating cake batter ice cream with the roomies

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