May 2, 2016

week 27: the town where the people have more fingers than they have teeth

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Okay SO so much has happened. I got transferred to Eagar in the mountains and it's pretty much in the middle of no where but it's GREAT. Small little town with like a DQ and a safeway. But yeah pretty much it's a huge culture shock from north Scottsdale. I don't even know where to begin...

My last week in Scottsdale was great. It's honestly a bit of a blur right now and can't really remember what happened haha. Transfers do that to you. It's just so strange cause I was there for 6 months! We met a lot more potentials in Scottsdale and had a lot of great street contacts. There was a lot of stuff going on with Zach's baptism BUT it all worked out and he got baptized on Saturday!! Yes I know a day after I left!! #mylife but I am so happy he got baptized. I got to facetime him after he got baptized and he was so happy. It was hard saying goodbye to the people I have grown to love. I really could see so much growth from the time I was there. I'm blessed for all I learned in that area. And I am SO excited for this transfer!

Okay so my companion's name is Sister Ballew. And what she is awesome. She is from Mesa, yes I know Mesa. She has been out 15 months and I will probably be killing her but who knows, President likes to switch things up. She is super cute and we are gonna get along great. So Sister Grow (my MTC companion) is taking on my old area with Sister Gulley. And Sister Grow was in Eagar so we are basically switching places. There are two sets of sisters here and we share a house. And it's so much fun. Sister Oldham came up with me and is with Sister Kamalu. We live in a trailer/doublewide/house thingy. haha I don't even know but it is SO nice and big! Like we have a Jacuzzi jet hottub. lol. I'll take pics later and send them. Things have been just so crazy.

The ride up to Eagar was so nice. I think it took 5 hours to get there. We are in Show Lo zone. And it's SO cold! haha well not really but compared to what I was used to. But I am #soblessed to be in the mountains for summer. Right now it's like 50's and sometimes rainy but I think it will get warmer soon. I love it though. It's really windy here though. It kind of reminds me of Rexburg or like Yakima or something. Just these really small houses. A lot of people here work at the power plant. I don't know everyone here is so friendly and funny. Not that many trees here. There is more else where in the mountains but not really here in Eagar which is sad. President Hamblin (the stake president) says people here have more fingers than they have teeth. lol. These people are crazy. I know I will just love it. Last night all the missionaries in Eagar met with him. He is so nice and funny. I've never gotten to know a stake president so well. It's just so good and they are so excited about missionary work here. I'm still trying to figure it out but this town is full of a couple families. There are so many hamblins I don't even know. I think the population is around 7,000. I've met lots of people.

We went to a baptism for the sisters on Saturday for a cute 9 year old. I guess the work in our two wards (1st and 3rd ward) have died a lot. And there is a lot of finding to do. I am really excited to work and get to know everyone. It's just a whole different lifestyle here. AND okay so we are on bike but we share a car with the sisters BUT yesterday was our first day riding and Sister Ballew had bad asthma and so we called President and we are getting a CAR! What miracles!! So I don't need to buy a bike anymore! (hopefully) but it was going to be a struggle cause our area is somewhat large. It was kind of fun being on bike for a bit though. Definitely the mission experience.

I read a talk this week that I really like is from Richard G Scott and he says "Scriptures are like packets of light that illuminate our minds and give peace to guidance and inspiration from on high." I love that. The scriptures should be our best friend. I have come to love mine. I don't always understand everything and we never will but it brings so much peace and light to our life!!

wish me luck in eagar <3


sista fisha

Sister Gulley



I miss the valley sunsets


Zach's baptism, ignore my face

Zach's baptism

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