March 14, 2016

week 20: trying to teach the restoration to a drunk person

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a crazy one, go go go all the time. It's been SO good though. 

Tuesday we saw Sister Holdiman! She is so funny. She always thinks we are testing her faith by asking her questions. It's kind of true though. We are here to teach repentance. We met some less-actives this day which was a miracle because no one ever answers their door. We saw Elyssa, she is doing good. We then had a lesson with Zach! And it went so well and we put him on date for April 9th! We are super excited about it. It all should go well if he is sincere and keeps progressing!  We then were in some complex and we starting talking to this lady taking out her trash and offered to take out her trash for her. She was SO wasted. It was pretty much the funniest thing ever. Never a dull moment on the mission. She loved us and wanted us to come back. We went back a few days later at 2pm and she was drunk AGAIN. so sad. We tried to teach her the restoration but she was just all over the place. oh man she was so funny. And then at the end she was like "i think im gonna become a jew". We were like how did you get that from what we are teaching you?! baha. oh man it was just so sad because she drinks because she is lonely. I'm so grateful for the word of wisdom!

Wednesday we went to the temple! We are so lucky in this mission that we get to go so often! Temples are the best. We then had ZTM right after so we really didn't have time for much proselyting this day. We met with Bishop Jorganson and went over all of the families in the ward and took note of who was active and who wasn't. Definitely over half the ward is less-active which is so sad. We have a lot of work to do! We really need to get the members and ward council more involved. We saw Sue that night. She is well. And then we went to do family history work! The larkspur ward does it every wednesday night so it is nice to get help! Our mission is big into finding family names to take to the temple! I haven't found a name yet but I am determined. 

Thursday we did a TON of service but it was so fun. We went to Amber Creek Inn! I love going there. I'm pretty sure they make my day more than I make theirs. We then went to volunteer as a district at food for kids and boxed a bunch of food! It was pretty fun! We got to share the gospel with lots of people too.

Friday was good. We got to see Constance and we had a really good lesson with her! We are teaching her the discussions. She then asked for a book of mormon! She needed a large print though so we gave one to her later. She also is setting up her own appointments which is so nice!! We got a referral from a bishop, we went to go see her. We don't know how sincere she is. I think she just needs financial help. I mentioned Christ and she said oh we are Jewish. It's always a good connection though when I tell Jews that I studied in Jerusalem and that I LOVE Jews. We went to Cafe Rio that night cause members gave us a gift card and the elders were there haha. We go to cafe rio lots here. Members LOVE it. We then had a lesson with Tayllor and Sister Miller came! It was probably the best lesson we have had with her! She is just so excited about it and I love teaching her! :) We had a lesson with the Luongs and oh my they are so funny. We shared with them the new easter video and then Linh the 11 year old asked what does hallelujah mean? haha she is so cute. and then Brother Luong randomly asked us if we were from utah. They are just a funny family haha.

Saturday no one answered! It seems strange cause it's Saturday and you would think that people would answer. We saw the Ellis family. It's funny cause we have a hard time to get less-actives to pray more than investigators. We were knocking doors before dinner cause we had an awkward amount of time. We found a less-active doing it! He said he left when he was 18 so we are going to go back. He was really nice! We then had dinner with the Kerrs before Stake Conference and they brought Brandi! I hadn't seen her in forever! So it was really good! She is moving to California soon to marry some guy. Stake Conference was way good! I learned a lot. President and Sister Sweeney spoke so that was a wonderful surprise! I seriously love them SO much. They are the cutest. Tayllor and Amos came!! They loved our mission president! Elder Corbridge came and spoke and that was really good! We then had a sisters sleepover that night so that was fun.

Sunday was a day of MIRACLES. Like we had nothing planned and then that day we had 4 set lessons so that alone was awesome. But yeah so it was stake conference and that was way good. GUESS WHO SHOWED UP. CONSTANCE. Sister Gulley and I freaked out when we saw her. We invited her to it but we didn't know she would come! Bishop picked her up! Bishop is the best! it was her first time coming to church in like 25 years! Tayllor and Amos came again and we sat by them! and Peter spoke! Ahh I was so proud! He did SO good. He is going to be a general authority one day. President got to meet him and his parents! He also met Constance! We then had a meeting with our ward mission leader which went well. We then had an FHE lesson with the Christensens. I love them they are so awesome. We went to the Rossi's after and Vince was like so Charlie is getting home in June to get baptized, can I get baptized with him? We were like YES. They don't know when exactly but it's good. We then told him he needs to be married first which they know. They don't know when they are getting married but we hope it is soon. They are just so amazing. Every time I meet with them I learn something more amazing about them. I think they have taught me more than I taught them. I told them that getting married will be awesome but getting sealed will be the most special thing and then they both just looked at each other and smiled. CUTEST thing ever. They then invited us to their sealing! I can't wait to go! We saw Joy Christensen and their family! Which was amazing cause we have been trying to seem them for forever! We only had 15 minutes so we shared a quick message but the Spirit was so strong. It was really good and they felt touched, you could see it and feel it. They are going through a really hard time right now. We then saw Tayllor and Amos and read the Book of Mormon with them! We read about the tree of life. She won't get baptized til after August and they are both really concerned that we will be transferred and won't get to go to her baptism. It was really cute! We told them we probably could if we are still in the Valley! We then saw the DeBenckendorffs and taught them about temples! We asked them to prepare to enter and talk to Bishop, they are excited. We brought Sister Christensen and that was awesome because Sister DeBenckendorrf needs more fellowshippers! and GUESS WHAT. Their daughter Megan (who I taught and then she moved away) is getting BAPTIZED. I'm so happy for her! She didn't even want to listen to us when we came by and it was amazing to just see her heart being softened. Her family didn't think she would ever get baptized. It just proves that you really don't know who is being prepared. And where you have planted that seed. All the hard days make up for all of the AMAZING days. We are so blessed here. This next week is going to be so good!

"Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me." (D&C 19:23) I love this scripture. Even when we are faced with such tribulation and trials we really can have peace through Christ. He is THE source of TRUE peace. ETERNAL peace. Satan cannot reenact peace. Walk with Christ and be perfected in Him. Something I love that Sister Sweeney said is that all repentance is, is LOVE.

I love you guys, be sure to watch the new easter video @ We are supposed to get on facebook today and post the video...i'm so scared. So if I post something, that IS me! I think we might be getting fb soon...oh no.

We also went to the zoo today with the district and it was so fun! We got VIP passes for free from members! wahooo!

Sista Fisha  

RITA'S (it was free so I caved)


Comp inventory can be fun

Elder Grimes is creeping


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