February 22, 2016

week 17: "and it came to pass"

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Hello world.

what's up. this week has been good!! We dropped a lot of investigators that were not progressing! We are working on a lot of finding! We have a new solid investigator named Tayllor!! We're super stoked.

Monday we had a lesson with Isaac at a members home. He is just so vague, we ask direct questions but he just is confusing. We asked him to pray about baptism again. He came to church on Sunday which was good. We went to see the Wansgards. They go to gospel principles because she just got baptized. They miss church sometimes because they own Kneaders and work tons. It was great getting to know them. They want to come to lessons with us with Tayllor and her boyfriend!

Tuesday we saw the Holdimans! They weren't at church again this week. I'm guessing because Brother Holdiman was working. Sister Holdiman is so funny. She was telling us all about Grey's Anatomy. We bonded over that. We saw another less-active, Linda Pavlick. She likes to talk A LOT. But she is super nice and wants to come back to church (some day). We then saw Gena Walker, she is a less-active. It was the first time I met her. She is a bit strange. She believes everyone is one and that we are all Christ. We didn't feel good about it so we probably won't go back again. We then saw Constance Garcia. The Bishop came with us! It was super good. She opened up even more with Bishop Wynn there. She has had a lot of trials and hard things happen to her. I know that it will start getting better for her soon. She is a member still, she asked Bishop to have her name removed but he told her to take some time to think about it. She agreed. Also we went to dinner at the Bussinos. The dad asked their kids who their favorite Prophet is, and their 3 year old son said "And it came to pass" lolol. 

Wednesday we had a lot of miracles with trying to see less-actives. We met a few potentials so that's exciting! We saw the DeBenckendorffs, they are so awesome! Sister DeBenckendorff came to church for three hours this week! That was a miracle! We then saw the Lumans. Jeremy wasn't there but she shared a message with his non-member family. It went well! I love them!

Thursday we had Zone conference! It was super good! We talked a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. The Holy Ghost really is the teacher. "teaching is not talking, teaching is listening and observing". It's so true. When I really listen and pray for the Spirit, things come to me and I really don't need to worry about what I am going to say next. We are the conduit, we need to be obedient and worthy of the Spirit though. Then President asked me to drive his car to get some things from the mission home for him. So that was exciting. haha. We saw Lillian Morrow, she is a member in the ward. She is actually from Maple Valley and knows the Pagets. She is super cute and her husband is not a member. We shared a message with them. He is a baseball player and is starting spring training. His name is Brandon, he used to play for the Mariners but not for the A's. So that's pretty cool. We then had a lesson with Laine, Sister Carr went with us. It went really well but she just told us she will never be a mormon. sad. We dropped her.

Friday we had Stake Correlation. And it was Sister Oldham's birthday! I made her a cake! and then we went to kneaders for french toast! yum. the whole district came and it was so fun. We also got a discount and they gave us bread! They are so great. We had a lot of miracles with getting into gated apts this night. It was really cool. Even though the people didn't answer, we still got to leave a nice note. We then had our first lesson with Tayllor! It went SO well! Amos, her boyfriend was there and he is coming back to church now. Tayllor is so solid and said yes to baptism. They are living together so they need to get married first. She is shy but super cute. She is just so excited. She came to all of church and loved it! Everyone was so kind to her, it was amazing. She is so solid. 

Saturday we saw Mike Gonzales, he showed us all of his cards haha. We then saw Jennifer Tortice, she was standoffish at first but then I shared a quote to her and she really liked it. She also really wants to come to the Easter Pageant in Mesa. We were in Tayllor's complex trying to see people so we decided to drop by and remind her about church. Her niece was there Jasmine. She is 13 and we showed them the Because of Him video. Jasmine said "I think Jesus is still alive but is just not with us right now on this earth" we told her she was right and then she said "really?" she was so cute! It's amazing to me that she knew this. She said she watches bible videos on Netflix. We taught the Luongs but Jason wasn't there. The luongs have not been at church for two weeks because of work which is not good.

Sunday was good. We made referral cards for people to give back to us. And we also passed out a sheet on who could meet with us on what days and times. I'm excited to use it! We taught YW's in McDowell. It was a lot of fun. I love YW's. I then sang in the choir at the musical fireside in Mesa! It went so well and everyone did so good. We had Baptists sing and that was the highlight of my night WELL besides seeing SISTER FAIRHOLM. love that sista. 

Today we got up EARLY and hiked camelback! It was just so fun and so many of us missionaries went. We watched the sunrise. Ah i love hiking. I finally got my permanent car today. It's a rad corolla. haha it's cute.

I was reading in John 15, and verse 5 says" I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing." I love this scripture and I know that when we abide in Christ we can do all things. We can't do it without Him. We need Him so that we can grow and change. I know that Christ is our FRIEND. He loves us so deeply that he died for us so that we can have HOPE.

I love my Savior and being a missionary!


-Sister Fisher

Sister Palepoi got us free shakes at chic fil a

Celebrating Sister Oldham's birthday at Kneaders! The owners are in our ward.

Brother Gonzales and his ride

MTC flashback!

Haha Elder Schatt


Hiking the camelback

I love my sisters!

We're fit yo


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