January 11, 2016

week 11: rainy desert, chipotle, and yarn

Monday, January 11th, 2016

HELLO ALL. I don't even know what happened this week, it's all a blur. It rained ALL week. I LOVE rain!

Monday: It was a normal pday, pdays are literally the best, I couldn't do a mission without them. We got to see the Debenckendorffs that night. All of them were home! They might be my favorite family...I mean if we are allowed to have favorites it's them. We talked about church, pray, read, we called it CPR, cause you need it to stay ALIVE (salvation). They were all so open and want to come to church and read their scriptures more. Megan, the nonmember one is moving soon :( but will be coming back in a month or two to stay for a while! I love her and her kids a lot! We then dropped by an investigator who once was dropped, her name is Laine. Sister Oldham said to go over with brownies, so I made brownies! She was really nice and wants us to come back! Sister Oldham said she was pregnant, she definitely was not pregnant anymore so we think she lost the baby. We think this would be a great time to talk about the Plan of Salvation! We are going to try to go over tonight to see her! Also did I tell you Stephanie Myers lives in my stake? Just the next ward over. And her dad is Elder Porter (one of the missionaries in our mission). Also there are some baseball players in our ward, one of them used to play for mariners, paul would probably love to meet him.

Tuesday: We had Sister Oldham this day because of exchanges! SO we were in a trio! I had to get a TB shot to volunteer at this one place cause I didn't have records of it when I did it last. Of course it swelled up just like last time but luckily they say I don't have it. We volunteered for like half of Tuesday at the Mayo Clinic! It's a place where they treat cancer patients. It was a pretty random service project, we counted yarn that someone donated and colored coordinated them into boxes! It was a lot of fun! I was in charge of the colors, haha duh! Half of our district came. and guess how much money worth of yarn was donated...$32,000. WHAT. so. much. yarn. We then had a lesson with Isaac. We told him what our missionary purpose was, next time we are going to bring a priesthood holder. We then went to Glenda's, it was a bad time for her so we just sang her a song!

Wednesday: We had district meeting, I learned a lot! We mainly talked about how to get our investigators to church. I made cookies and we brought them over to a less-active who just had a baby. She is really sweet. Seriously it is so hard not holding babies! We talked about motherhood and how it relates to the atonement. We then saw Sue! We taught her the Plan of Salvation. We then went Brother Ellis's house, a less-active. It's so hard to see him cause he is so flakey. But we finally saw him and his kids! He is divorced so he only sees them half of the time. His kids are cute. We then ran into a hispanic lady who is neighbors with him. She was so funny. She was basically telling us that we were preaching not the truth, but she said it in the nicest way. She just kept talking and talking. She actually went to the mormon church because a friend invited her. She said she didn't understand why it was so quiet because at her church they all shout when they feel the Spirit. Haha oh goodness.

Thursday: We did service at Amber Creek Inn! I love volunteering there! The people are way nice. One of the employees is a member and asked us for a swahili Book of Mormon and he wants to give it to his friend! We painted the Old ladies fingernails, haha so funny. It was hard to do for some people. And we also gave some hand massages. They are all just so sweet. We then saw Sister Holdiman. She was making cinnamon rolls. Literally she is a grandma on the mission. She is so loving to us. But when I first came she was not, she was very stubborn. And they came to Sacrament meeting again! We just need to get them to stay all three hours! I think next week they will! Cause Brother Holdiman will not be on call. We saw Mike Gonzales. He was also at church, but only stayed for sacrament. We then saw Glenda and that was good! She says she knows the Book of Mormon is true! And we had a miracle with her! We got her to PRAY. She has never prayed for missionaries before! I told her that I knew she could do it and tried to resolve her concerns. Then Sister Jones asked if she would pray right after her prayer and she did! AMAZING.

Friday: We had Sister Devlin that day because Sister Oldham had MLC. We got to go to Cave Creek and have a lesson with an investigator who is getting baptized on Saturday! It was wonderful to teach her! She is 17 and is from Zimbabwe. Her name is Kimberly and I love her! She wants us to go to her baptism so we said we would! We then went to see Theresa! We were going to meet her at the church building, but last minute she said it would be easier if we came there. Bummer. We really need to get her to church. We wanted to give her a church tour. We brought a member with us. Her kids are very crazy and it's hard to talk over them so Sister Devlin played with the kids to keep them quiet which was so helpful! She didn't come to church yesterday...she said that God understood...and that finances are more important right now. We are going to have a pre-drop lesson with her this week. Sad but needs to happen. 

Saturday: We did weekly planning which took forever cause we were very detailed. We then got to see a less-active, Sister Tortice. She let us share a message. We talked about faith and courage and showed her the mormon message called courage. It was really good for her. I can tell she isn't happy and is going through a hard time. We tried to get a recent convert who is also going through a hard time to come who lives in the same complex but she said she was busy. She said next time, she would be so good for her! Fellowshippers are the BEST. Sister Tortice said she knows she needs to come to church, which is awesome cause she has never said that before. We had dinner at CHIPOTLE! #whitegirlprobs and the members gave us a referral! We called that night but he wasn't interested. I love when members give us referrals though. We then had a lesson with the Lara's. They are investigators. We brought a YW leader with us because Lindsey is 13. It went well! We met at the church and she sang and played the piano for us! She is so good! We told her we would love for her to sing at church! She wants to! She is not shy at all! She is sooo cute. It would be a great way to get her to church.

Sunday: Nothing too exciting happened besides we had our second lesson with Danny! We had it at the Estradas again! He read the Book of Mormon! We answered his questions he had about it. He said he will continue to read it and pray about a baptismal date! Also when we were leaving he asked us if he could give our card with our number on it to his friend! Our investigator is giving us referrals! WHAT! Amazing! His friend is a member and is also going through a hard time. I don't think he has been in years though.

Life is good! My ponderize scripture for the week is John 16:33  "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."
I love that! It gives me such hope! I'm grateful for the Plan of Salvation and that we can change through Christ! We can only become like Christ if we change! Also ya'll should definitely ponderize. I started it in the MTC and haven't missed a week, it's great!

I hope you all have an amazing week! God loves you!

{ Sista Fisha }

Yarn at the mayo clinic, this is not all of it

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