January 4, 2016

week 10: inside out, pigs, and lots of tracting

Monday, January 4th, 2016

HELLO 2 0 1 6

How was everyone's new year!?

Tuesday: So it was the end of the month and we didn't have barely any miles left. So we decided to go TTIing or tracting at apartment complexes. So I got a lot of practice in!  We saw miracles! We walked up to this lady, her name is Lavanne. She was glad we were mormons because she thought that we were Jehovah Witnesses. But guess what! She grew up in the church but was never baptized! She said that her mom wanted her to get baptized when she wanted to. She never did. And then she said she went for 3 years because she had to go at least 50% of the time because she played volleyball with the church. How awesome! We are excited to go back! She said she would love to speak with us. Pray that it goes well! We then saw Glenda. We hadn't seen her for a while because she was gone for the holidays. She is doing well. We are going to start reading the Book of Mormon with her. I invited her to church, she didn't come though. We asked her if she wants to know that our church is true, she said yes. We then went to see the Ross family! Joe is pretty sick. They haven't been to church for a while because of it. I love that family!

Wednesday: We had district meeting that day. I also learned a lot from it. I seriously have the best district! We found out one of our sisters was going home on Friday :( Sister Lyons had been out a year and had health problems so she had to go home. sad day! We went tracting more in an apartment complex! We met this lady who said she "used to be mormon". So we don't know if she got her records taken away or we don't know where her records are. Her name is Constance. She said her kids are still members. We asked if we could come back and visit with her, she said yes! And then right then a member pulled up and they were acquaintances. The member said she would love to come with us to meet with her! MIRACLES. We then had a lesson with Sister Holdiman. We brought the Relief Society President. It went well!! Sister Holdiman doesn't know like any members, she just stays in her apartment all day. It is quite sad. Her and her husband came to church again on Sunday!! They didn't stay for the last two hours though. 

Thursday: NEW YEARS EVE. We went to meetings that morning and then did studies later. So it felt like the day was way long. Doing studies in the afternoon is the worst! I get SO tired! We had a lesson with Sue! She is the greatest. Then we went to see a referral! They actually answered! It is a man named Vipin, his wife was sleeping so we said we would come back later. He said Saturdy would be good. They have an 8 year old son as well! A family! They are from India and are a referral from the Mesa Temple Lights! We went to our Assistant Ward Mission Leader's home, Brother Miller. They are so awesome! We were talking about missionary work the whole time. He brought sparkling cider! So it (kind of) felt like new years, besides the fact that I went to bed at 9:30, I was so tired.

Friday: We had a tri-zone activity day! YAY. Oh my goodness I watched three movies that day...I felt like the laziest person ever. We had a nerf gun war and pizza and such. It was a fun relaxing day. We got to watch inside out! I love that movie! We also watched Freetown and Cokeville miracle. Both good movies! We went to see Joy Christensen that night and had a lesson with her. She wasn't feeling very good. She just needs to come to church!! Also we ate at the Daughtees with Sue (love them) and the Daughtees have a pet pig! FOR REAL. It just roams around the house lol.

Saturday: We had three lessons that day within like two hours! We first saw Kathleen. We hadn't seen her for a while because of the holidays, she was out of town. This was just our second time seeing her. It was another doorstep lesson. I don't think she likes stop bys very much. She said out schedules weren't working out very well and that she will call us. Which we haven't even really tried to work it out so that was an excuse. We will see if she calls us. She is the one where her husband has just recently passed away. She is still struggling. I gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to start reading and praying about it. I hope she does!! We FINALLY saw Margaret Merlino! She is never home when we go over. I have never even had a lesson with her. She is a less-active. She hasn't been to church in YEARS. I think some of her kids are active. She is 80 years old and her house reeks of smoke. We had a good lesson with her. We asked her to work on a Christ-like attribute this week and she said well idk cause I have doctors appointments..haha she is so funny. We then saw the Rai family! This is the Indian referral. We went back with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. The wife answered and she let us in. Her husband was on a business call so we didn't see him. We got to know her. She has lived in the states for 6 years. They are very much hindu. I think they are just being nice and don't understand what missionaries do. So we described that to her. I don't think she is interested in the church at all. She is very very nice. It was pretty cool though because we said a kneeling prayer with her and after the prayer she said it reminded her of the prayers they said at the baptist school she went to when she was younger. So that might be a way in! We will see! We then did service for some other sister's investigators. We cleaned their house! She is going through a really hard time with health problems and other things. Really sad. 

Sunday: Fast Sundays are really hard sometimes! Having a purpose always makes it better though. We had our first lesson with an investigator that night! His name is Danny! Earlier this week we got an email about him that he wanted to take the discussions! He is 21, going to the community college here. He played church basketball with the youth and that is how he got involved with the church. It sounds like he really never went to church but he went to EFY! It sounds like he loved it and still remembers feeling the Spirit there! Especially when he bore his testimony! We had the lesson at Brother Estrada's home. It went SO well. Our member present was prime! He said all the right things! The spirit was so strong! We taught the Restoration and then I invited him to be baptized as he comes to know these things are true! He said yes!! We are going to meet with him again this week. He is pretty busy. He seems like a great kid! His mom has cancer but is doing well as of now. He said the past year has been hard and he resented Christ and God. He said that he is now turning more to God. He also said a really great prayer at the end! I'm excited for him! He might go to the YSA ward though...

My week was great! Sister Johns and I are teaching well together and we have a lot of fun! I think having fun on your mission is SO important. She is a very hard worker and is SO obedient! Which really helps me with being so new. I still can't believe I am a missionary sometimes. I am a representative of Christ! How cool is that?! I'm looking into this new year with faith and 
hope! My goal this year is to become more charitable and to LOVE. I was wondering this week on what Christ-like attribute I really wanted to focus this year on with is being a full year as a missionary. I was reading the talk Character of Christ by Elder Bednar this morning (you ALL need to read it!!!) and it just made sense that that is what I need to work on. Turning outward. Christ is such a great example of helping others when He is going through trials and when it is hardest for him. That talk is the best and literally brings me to tears. Read it this week!

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27)

I love you all SO much! Have a awesome week!


sista fisha

p.s. it is kind of cold here, like what who woulda thought it would be cold in AZ?! I'm wearing tights and sweaters almost every day! It's also raining today! YESS.

Nerf war vs. zombies

We had a district lunch at canes to celebrate elder calls birthday! He is excited as you can see...

Sister Lyons went home

WE SAW havalinas!!! I don't know how to spell that but look them up! They are soooo weird.


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