November 16, 2015

week 3: AZ BABY

Monday, November 16, 2015

This week has been crazy. First off everyone should send my more pictures and emails because I can read them everyday when I have internet (which I have internet everyday) but I just can't respond til mondays. 

Everyday is getting better. My companion is awesome and is helping me a lot. It's so overwhelming cause I want to know and learn everything but it takes patience! Also I am so bad with names and trying to figure out who is who without meeting them is hard. But I know you can receive revelation for you investigators even though you haven't met them. I still haven't met a lot. Like I said this week has been crazy. Everyone kept telling us your first week isn't supposed to be like this. Like I had an exchange my second day here and I didn't even know what I was doing yet. The exchange was meant to happen though because the sister training leaders knew we needed help. They helped us clean our apartments and made time for us to unpack!! (reminds me I need to send a picture of our apt, i will next week). I'm finally settled and getting the routine down. Anyways pretty much all the sisters got a blessing from our district leader, elder johnson! He is so awesome. Literally it was the best blessing I have ever received besides my patriarchal blessing. He is so in tune with the spirit and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I LOVE my district SO much. Literally everyone is my best friend. We have so much fun. 

On my exchange I got to teach my first lesson! His name is Will. He is from the ysa and is investigating. We taught him about obedience. It went well and I think I did okay. Also I'm learning to love everyone especially the people I teach! So far it has come pretty easy. It is so amazing to see people softening their hearts. I didn't realize how much socializing you do as missionaries. You get to meet SO many people and talk to everyone! People just open up to you. Also the STL's apt is so nice and it was great getting to know them they are so nice. We spent 2 hours in the mission office helping sister landry sign up for classes at byui. I'm so sad her and sister taylor are leaving! Also I have been sucking at taking pictures and I promise I will do better we are just so busy ALL the time.

We've knocked on a few of less actives doors but a lot don't answer but hopefully one day they will. The members are so nice and feed us so much!! Literally I am in the nicest area and I have been in the nicest's so fun! I have to walk like a mile just to get to the bathroom inside some members homes lol. but oh my goodness people just want to get us fat here I swear. We always have dinner apts. It's so fun getting to know them. I'm trying to be myself. But my true self is too blunt and loud sometimes so that won't do. I got to be dignified...which is hard cause I'm not lol. 

I got to go to a baptism on saturday. My companion was playing the piano for it. They were 9 year old twins. They were so cute! The elders taught them. Also planning is not fun and idk how I will do it for 18 months but i will get over it. Being a missionary is awesome and it's an amazing calling that I get to wear this name tag. Everyday I am striving to become more Christ-like. I love studying and learning. 

So the strange thing. We got to serve at a silent auction saturday night. It was so fun! It wasn't proselyting, it was just service. I guess elder jones is a ceo of this company, it's called the mayo clinic. So basically wealthy people came to bid on things to donate money for them! It was so great! The theme was denim and dreams. Everything was american and everyone was wearing denim. We all got american flag scarves lol. Our district got to help and a few others. A lot of members came and were so surprised to see us there. We helped with the tables and were trying to advertise and answer questions, but we mainly just talked to the people and got to chit chat. It was a nice break from missionary life and felt SO strange. Haha there was good live music going and we got permission to stay up late. We didn't get to bed until midnight!! We then got to tell people if they won the bid and it was just so fun. Best service ever right? Except it was reallly unorganized at the end cause we had to put the items with the bidder number bag and it was just so confusing and chaos. The lady in charge was sure sassy too. lol. It worked out though. I was SO tired by the end. It was a good bonding time with our district though. Sometimes I forget I need to be with my companion all the time and just leave her. It has only happened twice but people just laugh at me when it happens. I'm just not used to being with someone all of the time! i'm an independent person!! 

There are a lot of rules but I am trying my best to follow them all. My companion and I are really trying to not be late but we get lost everywhere! lol. our dang gps gets us lost. I love my companion and we are trying our best. We have a lot of lessons this week and I am excited!

I met with a vietnamese family this week, the luongs. They are recent converts! They are SO cute! We are helping them get to the temple. The wife and daughter (mainly wife) does not know english at all so we have the husband translate so it makes things longer and harder but they are so sweet. We are going to be helping lynn (the 9 year old) with her hw everyweek. and hopefully get members involved. We are trying to get the members involved!

Sunday was the longest day of my life. 2 ward councils and 2 wards to go to. I was at the church for 9 hours. I kid you not. blessings?? It was so nice meeting everyone they are so nice. Literally I was so tired. We didn't even have time for lunch so i was eating a granola bar during meetings lol. We need the members to come to lessons!! I invite ya'll to get involved with missionary work because fellow shipping is everything!

Last night we met with the Holdimans, less actives. they are an older couple and they don't go to church. We got them to read the book of mormon. They are the funniest and so stubburn and blunt I love it. We read the bom with them last night and invited them to try to apply it to their lives as they read it.

Anwyays life is good and crazy and busy. So much goes into this work. Like texting and calling! baha it's fun. also it rained a ton yesterday and it was the best thing ever. The members are complaining it is so cold and i just laugh cause it's like 60s?? or higher. it's still nice. Just gets cold at night and in morning. Also can I just say I hate mornings!?? i'm trying to get a good work out in the morning but it is just so hard when you feel like death. At least we have a gym in our complex. 

Life is great and being a missionary is the best thing.

p.s. the cockroaches are getting better and I don't have lice

I love you all! 

Sister Fisher

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