November 11, 2015

week 2: cockroaches, lice, and cactus

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Man where to begin. I'll start with my last days in the mtc. I loved my zone too much and I am so grateful for them and how we just built each other up the last two weeks. We all have different strengths and personalities. Sister fairholm and I are best buddies. Like we get each other so well. She was not my companion but we were in the same district and room. LOVE her. 

In brief the mtc was great, I mean the food sucked and sitting all day in a classroom isn't the greatest but we made it so fun. I thought it would never end but the last few days went by so fast. I'm grateful for all I learned there.

I packed that night and we woke up at 5am to go to the airport. All of us hopped on to a bus to get to the train station. We took a train to the airport. Man it was so funny traveling in a large group. And some of the elders had never been on an airplane so it was just very entertaining. Being in the real world is STRANGE. lol. 

We landed in Arizona around 1pm. I was exhausted. The mission president and his wife greeted us with some elders. They are so sweet. I already love President and Sister Sweeney. We then went to the mission home which is next to the church building and man it is so nice. Biggest church building I had ever seen. We ate pizza and talked and took pictures. Then we had orientation meeting and such. We then went street contacting! (tti) I was kind of nervous but it was fine and went wellish. Some other sisters took us and we split up. I went with Sister Israelson (she is awesome and normal) to Old Town scottsdale. Cutest town ever. It reminded me of Jackson Hole. The first person we tried to talk to was too busy shopping. It was a hard area to street contact and everyone is busy. But we got out a few pass along cards! We walked by this man sitting on the street and then decided to turn around and talk to him. I'm glad we did because we asked him if He wanted to meet with the missionaries and he said sure! We got his contact information. His name is juan. Idk if he was just trying to be nice but he was cool. We then had dinner (cafe rio style) and got to meet more missionaries and such. Us sisters got to stay in the mission home. It is pretty nice and was nice to stay in a house!

We woke up at 5:45 to work out with president lol. So funny. Also the weather is perfect here and scottsdale is SO nice. We then had a driving video to watch. And then we had a meeting and found out who our trainers will be! Crazy stuff. Well I had an interview the night before with President and he said my trainer has only been here 6 weeks. I was like what...He felt impressed that we should be together. So I pretty much knew who it was because there is only one sister there who had been out for 6 weeks. My trainer is Sister Jones! She is from grants pass oregon. She is 19 and is awesome! She goes to Utah state, wants to go into nursing. I'm excited to see why we are supposed to be together. We will both help each other along. But I think she is a natural missionary unlike me. I have no idea what I am doing! immabehonest. We are in the north scottsdale mission! So the richest area about hard but we get fed like crazy and they spoil us so that's good. Guys i'm trying to not gain weight but idk man. We are over two wards! Larkspur and McDowell mountain!

We then had transfers meeting and I was feeling really overwhelmed with all the missionaries. I hate not knowing anyone. I hate being new and such but everyone is welcoming. I then had a drivers test and got a tiwi card (stupid device that tracks how fast you are going and such and tells you to slow down which notifies the people). Then we got my stuff and went to the church to do some ipad training and set it up. Then we went to dinner with some members at some mexican place. They were nice! I'm having a hard time figuring how I will be as a missionary. I have a personality and it's hard to know how much of it I can show. Like figuring out how to be myself and a missionary is hard! My companion and I get along so far but I already can tell we are a little different. We left a message with the family. Ah real people are scary! And we were with a recent convert as well. And then we went to cold stone, the bishop took us out and we talked to him! His roommate in college lived in sammamish! He was so excited to find out I lived there. He knew all the roads. His friend is of the last name bull?? I think. His wife's parents are the mortensons in our ward!! (the patriarch). His friend passed away 7ish years ago from cancer. very sad. Some of you might know him! I just thought it was a small world. The bishops name is jorganson. But we just tried to get a vision from him for the ward. 

We went home planned and SLEPT. I woke up and we went to the gym!! Yes we have a small gym in our complex. It is pretty great. Then study time and now we are here. Our pday is just on wednesdays this week because of transfers. Normally it will be on mondays. So every 6 weeks if you don't get an email from me on mondays its cause of transfers so don't freak out! 

Okay so I am feeling overwhelmed but I just need to pull through. I'm just trying to think of all my blessings and try my hardest. We got lost a few times yesterday because our gps is crazy. So much to take in. But I'm saving the best (or worst) for last. Okay well we are living with another companionship, sister oldham and sister devlin (she was in my mtc district so it is so comforting to live with her again). Sister jones and sister oldham were companions before so they are close. Before we got to the apartment they told us we had cockroaches in our apt! LOLWHAT. and sister jones has (had) lice! so i have to check her hair soonish. Baha what are the chances. They feel so bad but it is fine and it is just the missionary life. They bug bombed it so there are dead cockroaches in some places. It really isn't that bad. But it is gross, they are really tiny ones. So that's my funny story of the week. I had lots more but my mind is blanking.

Like I said the area is beautiful. Weather is great. 70s? Cactus everywhere. There are like little red mountains which are pretty. But it is not my Washington. I'm hoping to sometime get to serve in the mts, a reservation or nm during my mission but we will see! I'm grateful I am not on a bike!!

I have met so many people and I am so bad with names! oh well. All is good in AZ. I am trying. The first week is hard but I will somehow get through. I'm relying on my companion and the Lord. Also planning is so hard and just calling and texting people. haha oh well. It can only get better right?

Peace and Blessings,

Sista Fisha

generation of trainers

 me and my trainer sister jones

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