November 6, 2015

week 1.5: "sista fisha!"

Friday, November 6, 2015

HI GUYS! thanks for all the emails!! hopefully i will have time to respond individually. it is so hard cause we don't have that much time!! hmm where to begin!

Time here in the mtc is strange. It was going by really slow and then all of a sudden I leave monday!! but i am so excited to get to az. i'm ready to leave the mtc. i feel so trapped! idk how people are here for 9 weeks. awful. i mean its great but at the same time I feel like I will learn just so much more in the field. I really love our district they are like family. and my zone!!  really sad because one of our zone leaders went home tuesday night. I was at devo and I saw that one of the zone leaders was alone. Then after devo we had to go the front desk for my companion and there was elder dimick sitting there by himself. I asked what he was doing there and he said he is going home. I have no idea why but i felt way bad. That's so hard. Also for his parents. 

Anyways so our first "investigator" was our teacher and she was role playing someone named cindy. She was prepared for us so we just started teaching and we had our last lesson with her wednesday! She said yes to baptism and our teacher said we did well but sometimes we straight up sucked. teaching is hard!! you really just need to be guided by the spirit. and if it's not falls apart. 

Our trc investigator is named sharon rogers. oh man is it so hard but i love teaching her! okay so we actually think she is a real investigator but who knows she could be a really good actress. long story short she moved here 3 years ago from tennesse because her lds friend debi helped her get here to get away from her husband who was abusive. and she has been divorced 3 times. abused by her father when she was young and she lost a child 14 years ago when he was 2 months old. and she was suicidal. so yeah.. we have to be careful what to say and we can't be too pushy. I wish I could go into more detail but yeah it is hard cause she has a bad relationship with God and she doesn't trust Him. So she won't pray!! We try so hard to get her to pray and our lessons are good. but she talks so much!! we pretty much can't teach her anything if she won't pray and doesn't know that God loves her. Our last lesson is tonight and she said she would try to pray so I am hoping she did!! wish me luck!

anyways we pretty much just sit all day and it sucks but I like class for the most part. role playing isn't that fun but whatever! I am tired all dayyy pretty much. I sleep like a baby at night. We have a lot of fun here though. some people take things too seriously but not our zone too much lol. We are good when we need to be though. The elders are so immature though...not all the time but sometimes. all I hear is "page 33" referring to the white handbook. they are 18 what do you expect. I've seen a lot of my friends little siblings it's so weird! i'm a grandma here but I like it cause I have a lot more experience with some things. 

I hope you all had a good halloween! I didn't really notice it was halloween. some people dressed up a little and some girls went around trick or treating with their pillow cases. The weather has been so nice and warm here and then all of a sudden it's freezing! like the past two days it's been snowing a little. But we are never outside, just to walk to classes. We did go to the temple sunday for a walk! It was so fun! I'll send pics. We go again on sunday. And we actually get to go inside today! I'm so excited!! ive never been to the provo one. And it will be nice to just stop and think. We never really do that here. It's go go go. which is good cause i don't get homesick cause im so busy. 

The work is so sweet though. I love being surrounded by missionaries who all have the same purpose. Ive met so many awesome people! also the devos have been so good we had one of the seventy come. oh and i saw character of christ (which everyone told me to see including out branch president. It was so good it changed me life. president bednar is amazing. and so blunt i love it.)

Everyone has been struggling and there has been so many tears shed. but i think everyone is good now. I have been fine though! I got sick yesterday (it's just my throat so i am fine) I think I get colds easily. i cant wait to go to the nice weather in az! We leave MONDAY morning!! crazy. also we are one of the few missionaries that have ipads and it is so nice!! but also the elders get way distracted....airdrop and photobooth....I still like carrying my scriptures around and paper copies cause I just like it!! paper is best. ill get used to the ipads someday. It is so great for mormon messages and such though! and pictures.

My teachers are sister masterson and sister bangeter I can't remember if I said that last email but they are great! they are too nice and positive sometimes though... I'm like I want harsh feedback to make me better!! they both just got married. Other teachers come and help and it's great. I've been playing volleyball during gym some days and it is so fun!! lol i love it. everyone calls me "sista fisha!"

I'm not sure what else to say. I'm gonna miss everyone here but I am so glad so many people are going to scottsdale! it will be a party. Im nervous but excited. 

Thanks for all the emails and love

much love,

sister fisher

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