November 11, 2015

sister fisher has arrived in arizona!

Sent: Monday, November 9, 2015 5:18:36 PM
Subject: Missionary Arrival Scottsdale  AZ

Dear Parents:
Thank you for your patience! Your missionaries have safely arrived and are busy, finally doing the missionary work they have dreamed about!

The flight arrived at about 1:15; it took longer than usual to claim luggage and that threw off the whole day!

After claiming their luggage (nothing lost!!), they arrived at the Mission Home for a feast of pizza and chicken wings.  After lunch they had their pictures taken with President and  Sister  Sweeney.   They look sharp and very missionary like! What a great looking bunch! We are thrilled to have them.  Pictures will go out this week to the printer and then I will mail out hard copies to you.  This can take up to 2 weeks unfortunately and longer for international mail.

Following lunch, they attended orientation and met the Mission Office staff and learned how each of us support their efforts. They were individually interviewed by President Sweeney.  

As I write, they are out proselyting with experienced, well-seasoned, cream of the crop missionaries.  When they return, they will have dinner (Café Rio style) in the Mission Home.  A little wrap up meeting in the ward meeting house (next door).  The Sisters will be housed at the Mission Home for overnight lodging, and Elders tucked away in an apartment.

Tomorrow is another day full of meetings and training, driving tests, iPad orientation and companion and area assignment;  lunch and another spiritual meeting in the chapel.  Around 3pm they will be off to their assigned area with their companions.   Also in attendance will be in field missionaries who are being transferred.  This will be a big group of about 125 +/-.

All of this comprises what we call a transfer cycle which lasts 6 weeks. And then we repeat it all over again, sending home released missionaries and getting a new group.

You should receive your first emails Wednesday from your missionary.  During the transfer, preparation day moves from Monday to Wednesday. And next week, preparation day returns to Mondays for the remaining 5 weeks.

I remind you, the holiday season is upon us!  Please send all Christmas cards & packages before Thanksgiving.  The mail will be distributed at zone conferences 2nd week of Dec. when the missionaries attend the temple and have a big luncheon.  The last transfer is Dec. 14th for an additional mail run. Thereafter, mail goes according to who is going that direction.  We don’t have the help of drivers to deliver up the mountain on Christmas eve this year. So it is imperative, you do not procrastinate Christmas this year! Do not mail to a missionary’s direct address.  Last year we had a lot of theft.  Send all mail throughout the mission to the Mission Office, address located in my signature.

Thank you for sending us your very best to serve the Lord.  We will do our very best to watch over them, motivate them, counsel them, teach them and love them!

Please consider me your point of contact throughout the mission for any questions or concerns.

"Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work.  And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.”   D&C 64:33

Sister Llewanne Bass
Mission Secretary
Arizona Scottsdale Mission

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