November 30, 2015

thoughts on charity

Being a missionary is awesome! Seriously the best and rewarding thing! I don't have a lot of time but I just want to say I have a strong testimony of charity and how it really is the pure love of Christ. When we see others as God sees them we will be able to turn our hearts outward and be charitable. I'm learning to love everyone, and I mean everyone! Especially the people I teach. It's crazy how much love you can have for someone without knowing them. We are surrounded by children of God and we should want to do everything we can to share the gospel with them. Look past judgements and learn to reach out to people. Charity is serving someone when it is inconvenient for them and without asking anything return. Charity should become a part of you. It's not easy to be charitable all the time. We need to stop saying me me me and start thinking of others. Charity is not natural, it is overcoming the natural man. To have it become natural and of our nature, we need to pray for it! I invite you to pray to have the pure love of Christ so that we may be true followers of Christ, especially this Christmas season. Let us remember what Christmas is really about! Discover why He was born! Heavenly Father loves all of you and I do too! I'm going to miss the nativity this year! Paul you better be Joseph, you'd make a good one! Merry Christmas Sammamish! 
Love, Sister Fisher

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  1. Wonderful thoughts and inspiring words, Natalie. You are becoming SO WISE!