October 30, 2015

week 1: "welcome to the mtc!"

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello!!! IM ALIVE. I made it! It's weird that this is my first email! I'm doing great! The mtc is the best. oh my gosh everyone is so great. We get the dork dot the first day and everyone welcomed us. I don't know where to begin! Also I am just sending this to everyone so everyone has my email and then from now on I will not send an email every week to you unless you told me to!

Getting my name tag was an amazing feeling and I love wearing it! We immediately went to class and then we met the mtc presidency and had orientation. Then later that night we already started teaching! WHAT. I mean they are all actors but we found that out later and were SO mad lol. not mad just like what we had been lied to!? It was a bunch of us and we sat down and started teaching him as a big group as the investigator called on us. We taught three different people. One was italian and we LOVED him. He is in motab. lol. I already had learned so much that you really need to follow the spirit and the promptings you receive. I really need to work on that. And you also really need to get to know your investigators and their needs. 

The first day felt long but like doable. I honestly felt so prepared going in the mtc. and I feel ancient here sometimes. lol all these 18 yr old elders. they're so cute. (as in a brotherly way) It feels like I've been here forever but I'm loving it. It's a little stressful but doable. I think having 3 years of schooling as helped me deal with stress. My companion's name is Sister Grow! Man was I blessed to be her companion. She is 19 but just graduated High School. But she is so mature. She is from middletown idaho, near boise. She is also going to Scottsdale which I am so glad so that we don't have to say goodbye to eachother. We were pretty great together! We got called as sister Training leaders last night! We met our branch president last night I LOVE HIM. We all got together as a branch and all bore our testimonies and it was so great! The spirit was so strong and it was great to know others on a more personal level.

So I need to talk about the other Sisters in my room/district! They are also going to scottsdale!!! SO happy! Sister fairholm is from Pennsylvania and Sister Devlin is from portland! They are also 19 and so fun and great to be with! Us 4 are pretty much all together. We have 4 elders in our district and they are all going to alaska! They are so awesome as well. There are 7 other elders going to scottsdale and they are in our zone. also I met a sister from finland going to scottsdale! So from what I know there are 5 sisters and 7 elders.going to AZ BABAY. side note all the boys have blonde hair and i think its hilarious.

The food is okay...but the salads and wraps are so great!! You guys would be proud I'm actually.i have been trying to eat well. I really don't want to gain weight. I ran today and it felt great. I'm carrying a water bottle with me and drinking lots of water. GO ME. They also have chocolate milk here....DANGEROUS. but so good. also this morning i had the cookies and cream milk from byu creamery that I had all the time at school. also dangerous. those are heavenly. anyways enough about food.

I have already been learning so much and I can feel the spirit with me always. I really can feel Heavenly Father's hand in my life helping me. I knew I wouldn't be able to do this if I wasn't set apart from the world. I am walking on sacred ground and the spirit is so strong. Classes are a little long but honestly from what I heard I was expecting it to be worse. We are teaching out first lesson tomorrow! We will see how it goes...I just have to be confident. I struggle with that. 

Everyone who knows me knows I suck at directions and I am so disoriented. My comp and I get lost on campus ALL the time. Which makes us late so one of our goals is to really learn our way around. all the buildings look the same and I get so confused! I honestly don't think I will be able to learn by the time I leave. lol. it's okay it's only 2 weeks. 

Wow thinking of what I have done these past few days is hard. Overall I think I am adjusting well. At least compared to some others. I have seen some people I know around campus and it is so comforting to see them! I have so much to do all the time. Like I have a lot of assignments but I got this. And sometimes class goes over and I just feel really rushed but I just need to breathe and try to take eveything in. Cause honeslty I am not here too long and I need to enjoy it! 

It's so nice being a missionary and having a purpose! I love my teachers and all they do. We got ipads already!! They are pretty awesome! We haven't gotten the time to really use them yet. Also can I say it's really hard not to say "GUYS" or call myself by my first name. It's still crazy to think I am a missionary. Idk if I am used to it yet. I forget to call the sisters, sisters and the elders, elders. also i suck at names so I need to work on that. 

Overall I love being a missionary and I am happy! Also I can't send pictures from this computer but honestly I havent had time to take any really! I'll send a few pictures from my ipad in a different email soon! Thanks for all the support and love!

Enjoy your week and I would love an email from you guys! :)


Sister Fisher
I love wearing my nametag!
My companion! Sister grow!

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