October 8, 2015


So I got to go to Utah for 5 days! It was really chill but fun! I spend the first two days with my sister. We went to cornbelly's for brian's work party. corn mazes are fun but this one was so long. I just really wanted to spend time with my sister before she left. We went to the draper temple! It was really nice! Then I went to provo for the weekend. I saw brooke! We went to chick fil a. She is so cute I love her! I saw a bunch of people to say goodbye. I ended up going to bed way late that night...Saturday I went to bradys for morning session. A whole bunch of us went over and holly made breakfast it was so yummy. Then we spontaneously decided to go to Salt Lake and go to temple square. We saw sister clark! She is so cute. It was so nice laying on the grass listening to general conference. We then got pie pizza, SO GOOD. and then brady and I got gelato at this really cute place. I was SO tired so we went back to brady's and relaxed for a bit. I then we back to provo to say goodbye to more people. I'm really going to miss my boys! I can't imagine the last year without them. Sunday I watched conference with my sister and Brian. It was such a nice day out. I LOVE CONFERENCE. I get a little sad when it is over. I'm grateful I got to spend some time with family and friends before I leave! I love hearing the Prophet's words because it brings me guidance and direction in my life. It made me even more excited to be a missionary!

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