October 12, 2015

farewell talk

A lot of people could not make it for my talk so I figured I should post it here! It was a wonderful day and I was so glad a lot of my family and friends could come! We basically had thanksgiving after church (canadian thanksgiving). We had 4 speakers (idk why) but my time to speak was 10 mins and I didn't get up til 2:05! So I had no time but I spoke for 10 mins anyway cause all these people came to watch me speak! Thank you for everyone who came! It means a lot!

"Good afternoon brothers and sisters. As many of you know I have been called to the Arizona Scottsdale mission. I was born in Arizona so I like to think I am going back home. I report on October 28. So I have a little bit more time here. I am very excited to serve the Lord these next 18 months. I was asked to speak about two talks.  The first talk was given at Women’s conference called “Be not moved” by Sister Dalton. And the second talk was directed to the priesthood called “we are all enlisted” by Elder Holland. After reading both of them I can testify that men and women both have their own divine roles. The talks are written very differently but gave a similar message. When I read the talk by brother Holland I thought of my younger brother Paul who is 18 years old. And when I read the talk by Sister Dalton I thought of my younger sisters Rachel and Sarah. So I want to direct my talk specifically to the youth but of course to all the rest of you.

In Alma 37:35 it reads “O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth”. It is no wonder that we need to learn wisdom in thy youth. I have been through high school and many years of college. I know that the adversary is real more than ever today. The Lord needs us to stand as witnesses of God.

First I want to mention the children of the church. I have babysat a lot in my lifetime and it always amazes me the goodness of a child’s heart. I love babysitting in member’s homes where I know I can feel the spirit and I can say prayers and sing hymns with the children. Learning wisdom in thy youth starts young. We should always be like little children and look at the example they give.

I love Sister Dalton’s talk “be not moved”. Maybe it is because I am a women and I can relate to it even more. I remember listening to it years ago. She says that we are “elect daughters of our Father in Heaven.” I find that very comforting. I feel so important knowing that I am elect and knowing my Father in Heaven loves me. He knows each of us individually. How wonderful is it to know that we are children of God?! One year at efy I remember kneeling on my knees asking if God loved me. I didn’t get an answer right then. But the last night there I remember I got my answer that He really does love me. He sent his son to be crucified for ME. That is a sure sign that He loves me. Heavenly Father knows my heart and knows Arizona is the place for me. He knows the lives I will touch and the lives who will touch mine. President Eyring said this last conference that I found comforting “He has called you and me into His service knowing our capacities and the help we will need.” We all have special gifts and the Lord needs you to share your gifts.

Sister Dalton said “you are standing on the edge of many important decisions and making choices daily, some of them difficult, that will shape not only your future but also the destiny of generations.” I know this sentence to be true. Right now I am making some of the most important decisions in my life. It is a critical time and can be a little scary even. But I know that if you stay close to the Holy Ghost He will not lead you astray. God trusts you in your decisions. And you should trust Him as well. Sister Dalton said “in these latter days, there are no small decisions” It is so true. The choices we make everyday are important and will affect our future. Choices like whether to read your scriptures that night, or if we should watch an inappropriate show with our friends. Are we standing in Holy Places? I remember being around 8 or so. I was with kids who were not of our church. I remember they were looking up inappropriate words in the dictionary. I don’t remember the words. But I remember not feeling comfortable. And I know the spirit was not there. I called my mom to pick me up. That day at a young age I decided to stand in a holy place by leaving the environment. YM and YW. Please please please remember that who you hang out with will be who you become. If you ever feel uncomfortable around your friends, maybe you chose the wrong friends. I think I was pretty lucky growing up because I had the best friend group. I am grateful for them and their example to me. They always made me want to be a better person and I am still great friends with them today. Sister Dalton says "No amount of peer pressure, no acceptance, no popularity is worth a compromise." Stand up for the truth. Be an example. It is a simple message. I promise that your true friends will love and respect you for the choices you make.

When I was in Africa I was living in a house full of nonmembers. Pretty much every one around me would go drinking a few nights a week. The next day they would tell me how lucky I was to not be hung over. I would get asked all the time questions about our church and I realized I loved talking about the gospel! People told me I would just light up and get excited just talking about it. They knew how important it was to me and they respected me that I didn’t drink. A few thought it was actually really cool that I didn’t. While in Africa I was talking about the creation with a girl from Canada. She was saying how she thinks it is just impossible for God and Jesus to make this world. She said the world is just too amazingly beautiful for that to happen. It made me SO sad hearing those words. So many people are lost. We need to be shepherds and find that lost sheep. It was then when I really knew I want to share the gospel.

Elder Holland says “I am looking tonight for missionaries who will not voluntarily bind their tongues but will, with the Spirit of the Lord and the power of their priesthood, open their mouths and speak miracles” His talk is called “We are all enlisted” We really are all enlisted. Both men and women. Christ needs us to build up His church. It’s kind of like when you discover a really brilliant idea, or find a really great recipe, or even when you find a really hilarious cat video on youtube, and you just HAVE to share it with all your friends and family. In our religion, we believe that since we are all children of God, everyone is therefore our brother and sister. Well, I have this precious gift of the gospel that has brought me peace and joy. And I just HAVE to share it, with as many of my brothers and sisters who are willing to listen.

I hope you were all spiritually fed this past weekend at general conference. I know I was. One of the new apostles Elder Renlund said something that really spoke to me, He said “On what you look forward to about your new call: Seeing the Atonement work in people's lives around the world” Can we see the atonement working in our own lives? We need to use the atonement everyday. Sister Dalton said, "The Atonement is for you and for me. It is an enabling and a redeeming power. If you are not feeling worthy to stand in holy places, do not carry this burden one day longer." Elder Holland said “Whoever you are and whatever you have done, you can be forgiven. Every one of you young men can leave behind any transgression with which you may struggle. It is the miracle of forgiveness; it is the miracle of the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. But you cannot do it without an active commitment to the gospel, and you cannot do it without repentance where it is needed.” Elder Holland said that this is for us and for our investigators. I can’t wait to teach this message. I feel Christ has done so much for me that I want to give back and serve Him. In the song “Savior, Redeemer of My Soul” I love when it says “Never can I repay thee, Lord, But I can love thee” I love Christ and my Heavenly Father so much. The song continues by saying “then let my lips proclaim it still, and all my life reflect thy will” I can’t wait to wear a little black name tag to represent the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Matthew 28:19 reads “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” Deciding to go on a mission was not any easy thing for me to do. As you see I have waited until I am 21. My decisions and choices in my past have prepared me for this day. I was in the same room when the Prophet announced the new mission age for sisters was to go at 19. I have had many promptings to go. I was fearful. I never had my doubts but I was scared. I felt like I did not know enough about the scriptures and honestly I am not the best teacher. Elder Anderson said in this last conference “the future of your faith is not by chance, but by choice.” I am choosing to have faith. Because fear and faith cannot coexist. I know these next 18 months will not be the easiest. But I do know that this gospel is what makes me happiest and I cannot wait to share my happiness with others. Elder Rasband, another new apostle said this last week “People are more important than anything we can do. It's people that matter most.”  

I hope I can be a faithful disciple as I serve the people of Arizona.  D&C 4:3 says "Therefore, if ye have a desire to serve God, ye are called to the work;" His work is so sweet. I hope we can all stand in Holy places and be not moved. I am so grateful for this ward because you have taught me so much. Thank you for all coming today. I love you all so much. I am so grateful for my family especially my parents. They have been such a great example to me. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon I can not deny the truthfulness of it. One semester I made it a goal to read the book of mormon 30 mins each day. I was blessed because of it. I can truly testify that when we read the book we will become happier, better people.

I want to leave with my testimony that I know this church is true. I would not be leaving for 18 months if I did not know this was true. I know Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. He knows our needs. His timing is perfect. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God and that he restored Christ’s church to the earth. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of God to receive revelation for us in these latter days. I know that if we keep the commandments and be not moved we can have the Spirit with us always. I know temples are the House of God and I know that as we attend often we will become closer to Him. I know we can do all things through Christ. I assure you that the Savior loves you so much that He made it possible for us to change and repent if we make a mistake. I love this gospel so much and I can’t wait to share it. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."


  1. Great talk Natalie! I wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing it so I could read it. I'm excited to see you tomorrow. You get set apart in t-minus one hour! Love you!

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing your talk, Natalie - I am going to forward it to others - friends and family that may not see your blog.
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You are such a great example and a joy to be around. I know people will be drawn to you, to hear your message!