July 11, 2015

simbas, twigas, and tembos oh my!

Safari was the real thing, the real lion king. It was amazing. Awkwardly they thought we were starting safari saturday...mama sinyati messed up cause i told her fridayyy!! but it worked out we just started safar a few hours late. We first went to Lake Manyara. It was amazing seeing the animals in their natural environment. We then stayed at a hotel, but camped by it...lol. Dinner was good we then had the most amazing show i have ever seen. lol it was hilarious. it was an acrobat show. they got veryyy close lol. We were with other tve safari car and the people were new and from the other house (twiga) so I didn't know them very well so it was fun getting to know them.

The next morning we drove a lot. you drive A LOT on safaris if you didn't know. I didn't really realize it. and it's a lot of african bumpy roads. We stopped at a maasai village which was cool to see and i learned a lot more about them. They only eat meat and drink goats blood. They make jewerly and really like jumping. They moved a lot cause of the grass. and they have some of them get education to teach the otherrs and they don't speak swahili which was weird because i couldn't speak to them! They have multiple wives but not always. they have different tribes and all have a meeting once a month with other tribes, the men attend. There huts are cool, the women make them and they sleep on leather, oh man i couldn't live like them..We then went to the Serengeti, saw the big five (lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalo). SO many animals. I loved listening to music and driving down those roads. We got to the campsite and it started to pour!! It sucked but was really cool to see a thunderstorm in the serengeti. I heard crazy animal sounds that night.

We woke up at like 5 to catch the sunrise! so glad we did cause it was amazingggggg. we saw a lion eating a wildabeast...so that was cool. sooo many animals. we then left to get an amazing brunch fed to us. We then packed up the cars and headed to another campsite to the ngorongoro crater. it was beautiful. We met some more maasai men. they are everywhere. that night we saw an elephant on our campsite while eating dinner, it was so cool. and at night you could here these warthogs stomping around eating which since i was in my own tent i got a little scared lol. You just hear sooo many animals at night it's so cool.

We woke up early again to see the crater. It was really cool. You drive way down into it and see tons of animals. the hippos might have been my fav. besides the lions!!! soooo many flamingos you would be amazed. we saw sooo many zebras and wilabeasts that you got bored of them lol. Richard was our tour guide btw, he was really funny. the happiest man you have met, his laugh was the funniest thing. Safari is a dream and it felt nice just sitting after kili. 

We then drove to the airport to go home :( It was bittersweet. The drive there was long and towards the airport it was sunset and it was amazing. I could see kili and mt meru. Which is very uncommon cause it had been cloudy almost the whole time i was there cause of the rainy season. It felt weird to leave. and then we get to the airport and they canceled our flight!!! WHAT. it was the most stressful thing of my life. kenyan airways...never book with third world country airlines!! they emailed us at 1 that we should leave at 6 instead of 9 to go to nairobi and then paris. we got there at like 7 so we didn't make it. but yeah we didn't get the email cause first we aren't in our own country and don't get service and we were in safari. so idk what my dad did but we all got flights to amsterdam and then home which was free and got us home early...so it worked out good but it was so stressful cause my parent got tickets and i didn't. So I had to wait by myself crying to the guy that I was going to miss my best friends wedding if I didn't get on that flight. anyways it worked cause i got a confirmation number just barely in time for the flight. man oh man that was an experience.

Anyways I love africa and I hope to go back some day. It was a trip of a lifetime.

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  1. I didn't realize that you had so much stress catching your airplane home! That would have been frightening! Your positive attitude ceases to amaze me. What a an experience!