May 13, 2015

"hakuna matata"

I love how everyone says “hakuna matata” here. ALL the time. I’m going to say it probably too much when I get home. They also say “pole pole” all the time, which means slowly slowly. So when it is muddy or something they say pole pole, like be careful basically. And just pole means sorry. People are pretty nice here. I have never felt scared or unsafe. It’s so crazy though. People try to sell you crap and I say “hapana asante” so much. “no thank you”.

This weekend has been pretty chill. I wasn’t feeling the best so we just chilled and went to town. I’m always tired here. Especially after placement. Today, Sunday we did our laundry and it was so fun….haha I miss washing machines. And it takes so long to hang dry. We then went to the shanga & river house today which is a place where they make bead jewelry, blankets & glass blowing. It’s pretty awesome. It was really nice too. They have a nice lunch. I wanted to buy everything while I was there. Disabled people work there and it is so cool. I just bought a necklace with a bead. We then went to town after. I love mzungo square. It has lots of restaurants with burgers, milkshakes, smoothies, paninis, icecream, you name it. It’s what us westerners need. Sunday night Julia and I were invited to mama grace’s house. She made us tea. She is so sweet. She was busy making it and so she brought a random 9 year old boy in to sit with us. Lol it was so funny cause you could tell he didn’t want to be there. I asked him if he wanted to leave and he said yes haha. The tea was fresh cow milk and it was good! She is single mom, her kids are older like my age. She goes to church and is the sweetest lady. She says they she is alive because of us (volunteers) because we buy her things.

We actually have quite a bit of down time here, I mean it depends how much you go out and such. We don’t have wifi here so we are always playing card games, writing, watching a movie or reading. I like it. It helps that the people are fun here.

Monday 5/11

I went to my orphanage by myself for the first time today. It wasn’t bad. The drive is long but goes by fast cause it’s so entertaining. The kids are just adorable. One fell asleep in my arms today. It’s hard teaching when they don’t know a lot of English. But when they get something you teach them it is great. The school system is just sooo bad here. I mean there are so many levels in my class and they are learning the same things. I left a little early today to go to positive love. It is a new startup that Collin and tve are starting. Right now it is new and they have 10 women that are HIV positive. They teach them how to make jewelry with beads and then they will sell them. It’s hard for a lot of people with HIV to find jobs so this is a great idea. They have a farm to help with the money. It was cool seeing them today and hopefully it will grow tons too. 10% of people have HIV here. It’s very high. It’s crazy cause you really don’t know who does.

Tuesday 5/12

I went to placement today. THE KIDS ARE SO CUTE. I love them. Some are trouble makers but they are so cute. The teacher doesn’t say much to me but my goal is to talk with her more and plan more things for the kids. We sang songs today in a circle. They taught me Swahili songs and it is so cute. They love shaking their booty. They call erasers rubbers and there are only a few in the class and they are always fighting over them. I tried my first fried plantain today. It was okay. It need sugar or honey or something. I went to town after and the dalla dropped us off somewhere in town, not in kilimbaro! Sooo I got lost….some guy helped me find my way….and I was like crap cause I knew he would ask for money or something. I just bought a cheap bracelet so he would leave me alone. It was kind of annoying. Then I met kayla and jamal at alpha burger yum. Hot dog combo for 6000tsh! Tonight was good. Julia, bunny and I made a poster for our door. Lol so funny. it looks great. We already have so many inside jokes. Our house is so great. I seriously love it. I don’t want anyone to leave. And I don’t want new people to come just cause it will be crowded lol. Luckily no one else is coming to our room. Anyways lifes good talk to you soon.

Wednesday 5/13

INTERNET CAFÉ. Love them. Cause wifi. Just ate some chocolate cake. So good. Mzungo square is the best. It’s the place where we can feel at home. I just got back from the orphanage it was good. Not much to say. Just gonna post this now. And hopefully talk to mom! Peace!

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