May 20, 2015


So Thursday we spontaneously decided to go to kenya for the weekend. So we hurried to buy bus tickets. We left Friday morning at 8am. They picked us up at oil com at 8:30. It took about 7 hours to get there with the boarder crossing and such. Tons of masai people were trying to sell us things at the border. The drive was really pretty. It wasn’t too bad. We get to the hotel that they drop us off at. We then needed to get to our hostel. We get a taxi and the guy ends up being our personal driver for a reasonable price for the weekend. He was really nice! He told us a lot of things about Kenya and such. Our hostel was really nice. It was in a safe apt complex. We decided to eat at Carnivore, which is once the top 50 restaurants in the world. It was really good but expensive. It was worth the experience and the FOOD. SO GOOD. It reminded me of tucanos where they give you meat after meat. So many types of meat prepared in different ways. Some were lamb, chicken, crocodile, ox balls, beef, pork and ostrich. They just kept coming with meat. I was so full. And we had tea and dessert after. That night I got bit really bad by well we don’t know what, we think sand flies? Because they are red but don’t itch really. It was the worst night of sleep…but the next night was much better.

Nairobi is much different than arusha. Arusha is a small town and people stare at you always. Nairobi is very westernized and is a large city. Big buildings and lots of different people. It’s not the safest though. I always felt safe there though. The traffic is AWFUL there. I was not expecting that. I didn’t think people were as friendly there as we to the people here. It was so weird being in a big city after arusha.

Saturday was the best day. We started the day by getting food at the mall right next to us. We went to the giraffe centre and it was the BEST. They gave us food the feed them and you put it in your mouth and they kiss you. I KISSED A GIRAFFE. We then went to an elephant orphanage. There is only one hour where you can visit, that’s when they feed milk to the babies. It was awesome. We got to touch them and watch them play in the mud. And oh gosh did we get muddy cause we were right by them. We then drove an hour to ride an ostrich. Yes an ostrich. So worth it though. That’s like what we wanted to do most lol. We paid $3 to ride an ostrich for 1 minute lol. It was the most random place ever. It was a resort and ostriches everywhere.

Sunday we went to Kibera, the largest slum in Africa and third largest in the world. It was amazing. I don’t have words to describe it. We got guides to take us around. I took so many pictures and the people were so nice. I was honestly surprised how happy they were and how they didn’t beg for money or anything. The kids loved when I took their picture. We didn’t get to see the whole thing but we walked for almost 2 hours. I was just so surprised how friendly they were. One of the guides grew up there so it was his home. They are going to soon tare down all the houses to put up apts. It just made me beyond grateful for my life and what I have. They had a nice park and a place to do laundry and shower/toilets. We then went to a monkey park. It was free. Yes you just go to a park with 2cent bananas and 20 monkeys swarm you. It was the coolest thing. I am so glad I got to go to Kenya this weekend and be surrounded by these wild animals. It was a blast and everything ran to smoothly.