April 26, 2015

spring break?

So I guess this is my spring break? It has been wonderful being home. The photos are all in random order but since being home I have slept in, hiked, explored seattle and went to the san juan islands with my mom, maddi and susan. It was way fun. We ate lots and lots of food. We stayed at a spa place and I got my first massage...it was weird at first but it felt so good. We explored the island and the hotel had free bikes and they were so fun to ride. We surprisingly had nice weather! Not nice enough to ride kayaks and whale watching like we planned to do though. My mom planned a lot and it was such a great trip.

It was also rachels birthday, we went to bjs the night before with fam and then the next day I took her to a record store because she got a record player for her birthday! lucky girl! Later that night we went out on the boat with her girlfriends. It was the funniest thing ever. I'm so glad I'm not a teenager anymore. Anyways I have just been enjoying family time and hanging with friends before I leave TOMORROW. I'm kind of freaking out. I'm nervous/excited and I really need to pack.....dahhh see you in AFRICA.

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  1. Missing you and I hope your long flight turns out to be enjoyable! Love you tons and looking forward to hearing the details! Have a blast!