April 16, 2015


Okay so this post is a bit late cause I have been so busy since finals. Now I am trying to even remember what happened in march. It's all a blur. I was super busy with school. And I finished breaking bad. SO good. And I started another netflix series, friends. Nothing makes me laugh harder than that show. I tried to get the most out of rexburg and explored a ton. I spent way too much time at zeeks. Here is a jamble of pictures to describe the rest of my semester. I tried to spend a lot of time with friends and roommates cause I know we will all go our separate ways for summer. For now I am going to make a list of things I have learned this semester/junior year. side note does that mean I am a senior now!? uhh...not old enough to graduate yet.

1. Love your enemies. The only thing you can do when someone doesn't like you is to love them and be kind. ignore the fact that they don't like you & smile and just ask how their day is. 

2. Trust the Lord. He knows best and what we need. Pray to Him for guidance, be patient and He will answer.

3. Work hard in school & it will pay off. I spend all day on campus but it was so worth it. I love my major & teachers. They helped me so much. I made great friends in my classes as well.

4. Read the scriptures daily. Oh my gosh how it made a difference in my day/ semester. This semester has been seriously the best & I think it has a lot to be being in tune with the spirit. 

5. Boys suck. oh wait I already knew that. Dating is a tough game. I literally had no time for boys this semester. I know the right boy will come around someday but for right now I am totally okay with being single because it is a time for me to grow. I much rather be happy&single than taken&unhappy.

6. It's okay to take time to relax, I felt like I always had to be busy this year. But you know what it's okay to not be social and watch netflix instead.

7. The best people make for the hardest goodbyes. My friends are the best. okay you all knew this. but seriously they are the best and idk what I would do without my roommate maddi. So glad she roomed with me. She helped me so much and is supportive with everything. and hates the same girls I hate ;)

8. My parents are literally the best people on the planet. They love me unconditionally. Even when I am a bit crazy. They would do anything for me. I'm so blessed.

9. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. When someone copies you it just means they wanna be you which I mean who doesn't cause i'm so cool.

10. Time management. I feel like I finally mastered college and know how to manage my time. I even had time to donate plasma twice a week.

Well it has been a great year. I am now getting ready for Africa. I can't believe I leave in 12 days. I'm freaking out a bit. I still have so much to do. Right now it is nice to relax and spend time with family before I leave. Peace out Junior year.

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