April 18, 2015


I finished finals on Tuesday, drove to my sisters that night. Wednesday morning I drove to the airport, had to park my car there. I arrived in the little flagstaff airport with my parents waiting there. So good to see them and then my sibs waiting in the car. We drove to the indian reservation hotel. It was pretty nice. We ate dinner there. Oh man my family is crazy. I felt like we were in one of those funny family comedies. 

Thursday we woke up early. Drove to the trailhead to havasupai. We luckily had mules carry our stuff so we just had a day pack. It was about 13 miles to the campsite. and about 10 to the Supai village. It was so cool. It was a reservation and there were missionaries there! We got to talk to them at the church. We got some lunch at a restaurant. Those fries were bomb. There we so many horses and dogs running around.

We then arrived to the campsite! Our bodies were so tired. It took up like 6 hours to hike. We set up camp and then changed into our swimsuits. It was later so it wasn't sunny so it was a little hard to get into the water. We all got in my parents and I were the only ones who jumped in. It was fun but we didn't stay in long. We went back to camp and had dinner (Mountain House). We then played card games & probs were a little too loud. Rachel said she "hated camping". lol a little dramatic. 

The next day we got up early to give our stuff to the mules to take back cause we were only staying one night sadly. We hiked a mile to some other falls. It was way cool we had to hike through tunnels and it was so steep we had rope&ladders to climb down. It was BEAUTIFUL. The bluest water ever. We then went to Havasu falls (the main falls) gosh I can't get over how pretty it is. I want to go back so bad. We jumped in and tried to get close to the falls. It was pretty strong though. The water is the same temperate all year round so it really wasn't that cold. The kids were being funny/dumb and didn't want to get in the water. Then rachel and sarah saw how much fun we were having and they finally got in. We then left to hike out. The kids booked it to the village while I stayed with the parents and explored another waterfall. It was amazing. We then hiked back and we made it to the car right when it got dark. Perfect timing.

We drove to Las Vegas that night. Spend the whole next day on the strip. It was a fun day cause I got to do and see things I hadn't before in my last trip. 

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