March 1, 2015

february {month of love}

Did February fly by or what? How is it already March? Idk but I am way happy about it. I'm enjoying this semester by I am kind of done and I can't wait to go home & then Africa! I still can't believe I am going. This month has been great. It has been the warmest february ever. It has barely snowed & the sun is always shining. It makes me want to go swim and then I'm like oh wait it's 50degrees. But anyways a recap on this month:

- photoshoots {lots of photoshoots}
- valentines 5k {i've been running lots and working out yessss}
- february started out with a sad superbowl, poor seahawks. the boys were so mad {on the plus side we had camerons burgers}
- onesie wednesday cause I love $1 food from zeeks
- I went to Utah valentines weekend because it was a long weekend and Todd was there so why not spontaneously go? It was a great weekend. Vday we went out to dinner and then we went to sub zero for icecream {i highly recommend this place}. The next day we went to bridal veil falls with peyton and jake and her grandpa. It was so nice outside I loved it. It was a great day to get out & hike. We then went to her grandpas house which was basically a mansion. Holy cow it was so nice. We then had dinner at todds sisters & then went back to my sisters for bachelor. Monday I went shooting with brittany and brian and it was so fun! I love shooting. sadly we had to drive back to the burg.
- this month I have been donating lots and lots of plasma. twice a week. it's been kind of fun. I know weird. but i made friends with the people there and i just laugh the whole time. it doesnt hurt and i need to extra cash. the wait is just annoying but normally i just read my scriptures while i wait
- this month i have been in the dark room way too much but i still love it. we went on a "field trip" to beaver dick park w/ large format cameras! yayyy i know. i get giddy when i talk about it. it was so much fun and i love large format cameras. it really makes you think about what you are taking pictures of. 
- but school has been good. long but good. my days are so long but that just means i am putting in the effort.
- We had a bonfire for fhe last week. smore's are my fav
- hot tubbing because yes
- i've been bouldering and rock climbing, have to say rock climbing is better cause its a lot easier! 
- taco bus, lots of taco bus 
- new fongs cause happy chinese new year
- pizza lots and lots of pizza
- movies
- i finished gilmore girls! kind of sad i miss it but i started breaking bad and i am addicted
- carlin bought a motorcycle and he took me for a ride. now i want one
- cheap theater
- idaho falls {cafe rio, shopping, TARGET}
- roller skating
- laser tag
- yoga
- yeah this month has been great HELLO march

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