March 31, 2015


This past weekend my parents were invited to go to a slot canyon in southern utah. Landon Haycock and his wife wanted my parents to go with them. My parents can't say no so they told me they were coming to utah and I was like I wanna go! Brittany and Brian went as well. We left friday night in a rented suburban. I forgot how funny my family was. I was literally loling the whole way down. We stopped to get hawaiian food. We finally got to the camp site and set up. The stars and moon were beautiful. I love being in the middle of no where.

We woke up early to get ready and hike. We went to the Bluejohn Canyon. It is where Aron Ralston had to cut his arm off cause a rock got his arm stuck. He was hiking by himself and they made a movie out of it called 127 hours. We hiked in to the canyon and had to start canyoneering at the East Fork Canyon. It was 4 miles long and it was down hill. We never had to rappel but there was a few times we had to hold on to a rope and walk down. It was a little scary but not bad. I definitely went past my comfort level. We then finally got out of it and then had to walk in the sand and desert which felt like forever for like 2 miles. We finally saw other hikers. It was nice not having it be crowded. We then got to the main canyon which is uphill. It was fine and very beautiful. And then we got to the main obstacle. Oh my gosh we had to go up like 200 ft. Luckily Landon is like a pro so he would climb up and then tie a rope and then we had to climb and like shimmy up. I used so much upper body strength. Good thing I worked out. It was the hardest thing ever. There were 3 different obstacles one after another. I was so tired after it. Brittany like started crying. It was probably the hardest physical thing I have had to do. But I did really like it! I was soooo scared though. I finally got up the last huge rock. I had so much scrapes and my backback was torn. It was insane. We then had another few miles back to the car. We were all so sore afterwards.

It was about 10.5 miles and it took us like 9 hours. The canyon was sooo skinny at some parts. I had to take my backpack off to get through. I still can't believe I did it. It was beautiful and I am so glad I went. We went to Rays diner afterwards. It was way yummy. We got back to brittanys and her downstair neighbors are crazy and called the cops on us for being "loud". All we were doing was getting ready for bed. The cops felt bad cause they knew we werent having a party or whatever. Luckily Brittany is moving into a townhouse. We checked it out and it was way nice.

Anyways it was a good weekend seeing family and eating good food. I'm back at school now...and I'm just so ready to be done with school. Finals suck but I will be done soon! Make sure you guys watch conference and have a good easter!! :)

My parents really wanted me to make a video of our trip, Here it is:

March 11, 2015


Tucker and Carlin both served their missions in Las Vegas so they were going down to visit people and such. Zander and Tucker's friend zach also were going down. They really wanted me to go so I was like why not. I didn't have any other plans. So I last minute decided to go. I am so glad I did. It was so worth it. The drive really wasn't that bad. We drove thursday night to provo to stay at Tucker's grandma's house. 


We woke up and went to kneaders to meet tucker's mom and holly johnston. It was so good to see them! We then went to scheels to wait for zach. We then picked him up and started driving. We stopped to get inn n out in st. george. We finally made it to Vegas. We were going to stay at tuckers old bishops but he didn't know there was going to be a girl (me) and his wife wasn't home so he didn't think it was appropriate. So we ended up staying in the stratosphere. It was only $20 a person but we all ended up staying in the same room which was worse than staying at the bishops...cause I would have my own room lol. We then went on the strip. It was so fun. We went into lush and it was so funny cause they showed us the bombs and soaps and such. The boys loved it. Vegas is definitely interesting. I don't know how many times we got asked to go to a strip club (cause I was with 4 boys). We met some of Carlin's mission friends. We then went to tacos el gordo. The boys were freaking out cause they were so excited. We were the only white people there and I know why cause it was SO good. Ah I wanna go back. Best tacos ever. Get the spicy pork, and the sauce is so good. We then went up the Stratosphere cause it was free for us cause we stayed there. It was so fun! The weather was so nice. We then all went back to the hotel and crashed. We went to bed at like 1 on a friday night in vegas lol.


We woke up at 8 to go hike the red rocks. It was SO great. My favorite part of the trip. Allison met up with us and it was great to have another girl. We probably hiked for three hours. There wasn't a trail we just were bouldering and climbing. There were some sketchy parts but the guys luckily helped me about. I definitely went outside my comfort zone. Jumping from rock to rock can be scary. And there was this one part where we had to slide down rocks and hold our bodies up. That was scary. When we got to the top there were little pools of water and we all got in them. It was pretty cold but felt good. It was the perfect hiking weather. All the boys got burnt.

We then went to the chicken shack for lunch with carlin's mission buddies. I was with so many boys all the time lol. It was okay food. And then we went to the art district where they have lots of wall art. I loved it!! We got to drive through the strip in the day time. I loved it. We then decided to go swimming cause it was so hot. By the time we got to our friends pool it was kind of cold and the sun set already and the pool wasn't heated... we were like no way. So instead carlin and zander and I went to carlin's old apt complex to swim. On the way we stopped by the temple, it was beautiful. When we got to the complex we met carlin's friend name kim. lol funniest moment of my life. She is a show that explains a lot. She is really into your signs and she was telling us all about ours. lol she was crazy. We then went in the hot tub and she came and talked with us. She was smoking. We jumped in the pool but it was freezing. Kim asked if I wanted to wear her clothes on the strip that night but I kindly declined lol. We then went to Carlin's Aunts for a little. And then we finally went to the place where we were staying the night. It was one of Carlin's friends from the mission. She was inactive. She was very nice. We showered and got ready and ate tacos at jack in the box lol. We then got frozen custard at luv it. It was way good. We then finally made it to the strip at midnight.

We met up with Tucker and Zach and his 3 friends from provo. Those boys were crazy and so fun. One of them had a rap battle with a rapper on the street. It was fun just walking around and exploring. We basically walked the whole strip. And since in was day light savings time we didn't get home to 4:30. Luckily we got to sleep in.

We woke up and had a yummy breakfast. We went to church at one and then met up with one of carlins converts at a frozen yogurt place. They had a really cute puppy. Zander and I just layed in the sun. Ah I missed the sun. We got hawaiian shaved ice cause we couldn't resist. We then got tucker and drove to utah. We stopped in St. George to eat at the habit and see the temple. It felt like summer.

We stayed at Tucker's grandma's and drove the rest of the drive in the morning. It was one heck of a trip. I definitely bonded with the boys. Whoever said guys and girls cant be just friends is a liar. It was one memorable trip.

I made a video of our trip, check it out:

-what happens in vegas, stays in vegas