February 27, 2015


So I have some exciting news! I will be volunteering in Tanzania, Africa for 5 weeks at an orphanage through IVHQ. I am really excited to go. It has been a dream of mine to go to Africa. I have always wanted to do a humanitarian trip. I love kids and it's going to be great teaching and helping them. I was trying to figure out what country to go to in Africa cause there are a few options that the program does. Last summer I met some Tanzanians and I LOVED them. Tanzania felt right and I knew it's where I wanted to go.

Tanzania is in East Africa and borders Kenya and Uganda. It is on the coast so I'll be able to go to Zanzibar sometime during my trip. Mt. Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania and I will be really close to it. I am so excited because my parents are coming at the end of my volunteer work and we are hiking it! It takes 8 days. It's going to be crazy but I am so excited. I got to train train train.

I will be leaving on May 1st and I am so so excited! I don't even know what to expect. I'm just going with an open mind. I can't wait to meet all the people there. I can't wait to learn their culture and language (swahili). It's a little scary because I will be traveling by myself to a different country which I have never done before. I am ready for this adventure! Tminus 58 days!

To help support me in my volunteer work click the link below, thank you :)

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