January 31, 2015


This semester has been great. One of the best. We haven't done a whole lot. I mean it is winter. Netflix after netflix. But it's been so great rooming with my best friends. I room with maddi, whitney, peyton, melissa, and courtney. I'm so glad maddi lives here and the boys come over here more too. We get lots of pizza and kiwi loco. But I have been working out everyday! I'm proud of myself. I did miss one day cause I was sick but that doesn't count. I have been running on the track. I ran 3 miles today. 

Anyways, school, the reason I am here. I have been loving my classes! Well not so much printmaking, I mean it's okay. Maybe it will get better? I'm also taking art 101, studio lighting, B&W film, and art seminar. So I am on campus all day pretty much but it's good it keeps me busy. And it really hasn't been that cold here. So it's been way nice. We went night skiing at kelly canyon. It was soooo fun! and only $17 for students. The snow was really great. I've been reading the book of mormon 30 minutes a day and it has been so great. list of some things january consisted of...

-vocal point (so good! im in love)
-devotional with Elder Nelson, and we got a new president starting april of byui!
-dark room for days
-studio room for days
-ice skating
-skiing (night skiing)
-4dozen donuts for $6
-red robin for carlin and maddis birthday
-rented puppies for maddis bday!
-netflix, movies
-zeeks (sammys)
-pond skimming (tuck did it, so funny)
-bonding with roomies
-4 dozen donuts for $6, go at midnight!)

January has been a good one. I feel like I have been at school forever already. Also I made a goal to go on a date at least once a month because I suck at dates and what do you know I'm going on two dates the last day of the month! lol. well I got to go on my second one...roller skating! byeeee

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