January 31, 2015


This semester has been great. One of the best. We haven't done a whole lot. I mean it is winter. Netflix after netflix. But it's been so great rooming with my best friends. I room with maddi, whitney, peyton, melissa, and courtney. I'm so glad maddi lives here and the boys come over here more too. We get lots of pizza and kiwi loco. But I have been working out everyday! I'm proud of myself. I did miss one day cause I was sick but that doesn't count. I have been running on the track. I ran 3 miles today. 

Anyways, school, the reason I am here. I have been loving my classes! Well not so much printmaking, I mean it's okay. Maybe it will get better? I'm also taking art 101, studio lighting, B&W film, and art seminar. So I am on campus all day pretty much but it's good it keeps me busy. And it really hasn't been that cold here. So it's been way nice. We went night skiing at kelly canyon. It was soooo fun! and only $17 for students. The snow was really great. I've been reading the book of mormon 30 minutes a day and it has been so great. list of some things january consisted of...

-vocal point (so good! im in love)
-devotional with Elder Nelson, and we got a new president starting april of byui!
-dark room for days
-studio room for days
-ice skating
-skiing (night skiing)
-4dozen donuts for $6
-red robin for carlin and maddis birthday
-rented puppies for maddis bday!
-netflix, movies
-zeeks (sammys)
-pond skimming (tuck did it, so funny)
-bonding with roomies
-4 dozen donuts for $6, go at midnight!)

January has been a good one. I feel like I have been at school forever already. Also I made a goal to go on a date at least once a month because I suck at dates and what do you know I'm going on two dates the last day of the month! lol. well I got to go on my second one...roller skating! byeeee

January 4, 2015

winter break || 2015

Okay can I just say winter break was so nice. Free food, family and relaxing. We went to leavenworth for two days and it was basically the north pole. So christmasy. It was fun shopping, going out to eat and adventuring in the snow. We played a lot of rook while I was home. oh and ate A LOT. christmas was great. My mom got us matching pjs. So we had to take pictures. It was sad Brittany and Brian weren't there and Grandma Udell and Susie didn't come cause she is still recovering. We went to G+G Fishers for Christmas and ate yummy food. I saw unbroken and interstellar. both really good movies. New Years Eve was the BEST. We went on a hike to wallace falls during the day. It was so sunny and beautiful. My parents took my friends and then we went out to thai food. We then went to Seattle. We went to gasworks, dicks burger, and the waterfront. We spontaneously rode the merry go round. We then went to tuckers uncle work building and watched the fireworks from there. It was probably the best new years ive had. The next day we went to the family fun center. That was tons of fun. On friday I went skiing. oh and I got skis for christmas! Hopefully I ski a lot this semester.

2014 was a great year. I learned a lot. Traveled a lot. I'm so glad I went to Jerusalem when I did. I met some awesome people and some of my best friends. I have a good feeling that 2015 will be a good one. I have no idea what to expect. I'm ready for this semester. I think it will be better than last semester. I'm living with maddi and it's always better living with friends. I'm going to look for a job because I need money.

Here are some goals for 2015 or at least winter semester

- Get more involved with the ward/ relief society/ neighbors. I feel like I suck at making friends and I want to be close with my ward. 

- Appreciate my classes more and put more effort into them. Sometimes I take my education for granted and don't give my all to my classes or zone out during class.

- Exercise more/Eat better. It's typical but really needed. I know I love exercising it is just sometimes hard with a busy schedule.

- Develop talents. I want to learn more and I know we all have different talents and we need to act upon them to help others. I really want to improve my photography for one. 

- Serve more. I want to be less selfish and give more. Be kinder and loving. Service brings you closer to Heavenly Father and brings great blessings.

- Read scriptures and pray everyday. I'm not the best at this somedays. I know how important it is and I need to get a better habit of it.

- Experience more and adventure more. I love exploring and traveling. Hopefully I get to do more this year!

- Date more. I suck at dating apparently or guys don't want to date me but yeah that needs to happen because uh eternal marriage.

- Get out of my comfort zone. I need to try new things!

Well I am excited for a new semester and new year. I really needed a new start. I'm grateful for the time I had at home with my family this break but unto another semester!