December 28, 2015

week 9: new year, new natalie!

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Well I hope ya'll had a very merry Christmas!!! I sure did! It was great talking to you family!!! Even though the siblings were on their phones the whole time lol...

So last Pday, Monday was good. We taught Sue about the good Samaritan parable and how it relates to Christ. It's really really cool! If I had time I would share it all but that would take too long. We had dinner at Sue's. PIZZA. It was so fun, it was like a girl's night. We love her so much and she is going back to the temple soon!

Tuesday we had exchanges! I took on the area! I was with my STL, Sister Colina. She is hispanic and I love her so much! We had a lot of fun! And I learned so much from her! She thinks I will be an STL soon doubt it! But it was good finally getting to drive and really be able to know that I can actually do this by myself! Also it was good because we had a lesson with Isaac and Sister Colina is over YSA so we kind of tried to transition. She was really good with him. We tried to contact our Indian didn't work out so well. Baha. He opened the door in boxers and was like "this is not a good time right now." lol. We also saw Sister Breuske. She is a really nice lady but does not go to church because of work and travel. Her husband isn't a member. They live in a really nice home. Her husband was not very friendly toward us. Then we exchanged back and had to go straight to a lesson with Theresa. It was a really good but simple lesson. We showed "He is the Gift" and talked about how we can come closer to Him by reading our scriptures, praying and coming to church. She started crying! She is going through a hard time and I know that the church can help her! She said she would go to church this week. She is just so sweet I love her.

Wednesday we got to see the Holdimans. I love them! At first I didn't know why we were visiting them cause they weren't changing and were so stubborn. But their hearts are really softening! At dinner Sister Bentley told us about a new member who moved into our ward and her husband is not a member. So we went over right after to visit them! They were really kind! Her husband is a Jew. She has been a member for 5 years! I really want to visit them more! They both came to church on Sunday! And her husband asked us for some tithing slips! How awesome! We then saw a less-active, it was good! He gave us a referral! One of his neighbors! 

Thursday, Christmas Eve! It was one weird day. I think all missionaries have those days when we are just in a funk. We did weekly planning because the next day was Christmas. Right as we were about to leave our phone was on the counter and I was talking to Sister Jones and I swung my hand and the phone went flying right into the toilet! lol. oops. I just fell on the ground and started laughing. haha.! We went to a members to get some rice to soak it! It was working! Except the end call was not calling people was interesting haha. We had dinner at the Moshers and then we went to a nursing home to do caroling with the district. Except no one showed up! And we couldn't go inside because no one was at the front desk to let us in! So that was a fail! And we didn't have a phone to call anyone cause of course it stopped working again. We then saw the DeBenckendorff's and the Ross family. I love them both so much! The cave creek sisters then came over for a sleepover! So fun!

Friday Christmas! Our phone started working again after a night in the rice. Christmas miracle! We did some studies and then we to our stake correlation guy, Brother Horn. His house is so nice! Our whole district went over and they made us cinnamon rolls, eggs, and sausage! Also I had egg nog, YUM. They are such a nice family. It was just a fun relaxing day! I love our district! We then had a white elephant exchange. It was pretty funny. I just collected all the food and candy I had gotten from Christmas from anyone and put it in a box and wrapped it. haha. I got a talking parrot who copies you. haha so funny. I gave it to a little kid we teach though. Haha it was so funny. He LOVED it. We then went to our Bishops, the Jorgansens. They invited us over like a month ago! We had lunch there and they gave us a bunch of gifts! She is TOO kind. We shared a Christmas message with them, a longer one. I then skyped the fam at Sue's! It went well! We then ate dinner at the Shumways! I love that family! It was very chill and we had mexican food. All of their family was over. We then went caroling with half of our district. We went to the Luongs and DeBenckendorffs and a few others. We also did some TTI caroling! That was the best! I loved watching people's faces! They were just so happy! I love making people's day! Seriously it's the best.

Saturday we went to see Joy Christensen. She was doing pretty well. He daughter comes to church sometimes so that's good! We went to a widow's house, Sister Nebeker. She is almost 89. She is so funny and so accomplished! She was an english teacher and is very brilliant. She is so upbeat and is doing SO well for her age. She is outliving her kids. She has beautiful art and nativity sets in her home! She showed us old pictures and she was so beautiful! She also can put her feet behind her head...WHAT lol. We ate with our ward mission leader, Brother Newbold. He is so intelligent! We learn a lot from him. Also our phone for sure then broke, it wouldn't charge.

Sunday we expected Theresa to come to church. Cause she texted us the day before telling us she would. She didn't show :( We tried messaging her off others phones and our imessage on our ipads. She didn't respond though. It was a bummer. President and Sister Sweeney came to our ward! That was a nice and (scary) surprise. Church was amazing! It's actually having two wards, we are that much more edified! In our second ward Bishop asked us to bare our testimonies on Christ because the youth speaker was sick. And GUESSWHAT. The Holdimans came to church!!!! Best thing ever! They hadn't come to church in years!! We were so happy!! You could tell they were so excited to partake of the sacrament. We sat next to them. Ah I love them! We saw the Luongs and taught them about callings and it made me appreciate callings so much more! I am learning to much from the Luongs! You can really tell how much they love and appreciate the church! It brings them so much happiness! They thought it was so cool they we get set apart in callings. They are the cutest family.

Overall the week has been good and we actually got to see quite a few bit of people for it being Christmas! A lot of people were gone but we made it work! 

We have been getting so many sweets...DIET starts tomorrow. Except it's hard when you can't control dinner. Also we are so out of miles...So we are going to do a lot of contacting and knocking doors in apartments! And getting members to drive us to lessons! It's one way to really push us to get members to lessons! It will be good! We also got a new phone today luckily!

I'm reflecting on my year this year. 2015 has been one of the best. I have done a lot and changed a lot. It's kind of funny cause last year I said "New year new natalie!" and it was kind of an inside joke but I think it really was a new year for me to become more like Christ.

This year I really want to become more like the Savior. Instead of having a new years resolution on what I want to do, I want it to be who I want to become. Christ has so many attributes and I want to work on them. To become those, we definitely need to do though. So again I say this year, new year, new natalie. It's weird because 2016 will be a whole year of my being on a mission, I think they call it the black year or something.

The past few days we were talking a lot about Christ names. He has SO many. Savior, Redeemer, Good Shepherd, Messiah, The way, The truth, advocate, and the list goes on. Pick one of your favorites. One that really is close to you personally and sticks out to YOU. We all have personal relationships with Christ. Pick one and study it and really apply it to your life. I know that as you do this you will become close to Him and understand who he really is and what he did and does for you! This Christmas I have truly gotten to know him better. It wasn't so much about families or giving. It was about Christ. He truly is my everything.

I am sad Christmas is over...but it's always nice to start a new year. I hope it's a great year for all of you!



-Sister Fisher

Debenckendorff children

Debenckendorff children
Christmas Eve!

Christmas in Jeans!!!!

Skyping on Christmas

Our apartment

December 21, 2015

week 8: #ASaviorIsBorn

Monday, December 21st, 2015


Life has been good and crazyyyy!

Wednesday was Pday and Sister Jorganson took us shopping! She is SO kind I love her! We went to the Rossi (investigator) home because Vince wanted to hear Brother Hatch's testimony on Prophets because he spoke at church on Sunday and said that he has a strong testimony about prophets and he wanted to hear what he said. So we set it up Wednesday night for Brother Hatch to go over! It went really well! They talked forever but really bonded! We both talked about our conversion stories and I spoke last and started crying! WHAT. The spirit is so strong! I never cry, I think this was the first time I cried in the mission field pretty much. Then Sister Jones asked him to pray about a baptismal date! He just needs to marry Jenn first! 

Thursday we went to the temple!! Best Christmas present! I got to go twice in one week! It was so powerful being in the celestial room with all the missionaries! I loved it! We then had lunch after and I saw SISTER FAIRHOLM! tender mercy. Then we went to Linda Pavlick's home (less-active). We have been trying to see her for weeks to do service for her. She finally let us go! She just had knee surgery last week. Oh my goodness so she has 4 sheep dogs and literally everything she owns has sheepdogs on it. So many paintings and pictures of those dogs on her wall. SO funny. So our service for her was to clean our her sheep dog cupboards. lol. SO funny. It was so dusty. It was insane how many sculptures she has...some were worth $1600! WHAT. I was SO careful when I took them out cause I REALLY did not want to break them! haha. I think she has a strange addiction. We were there for so long. We thinks she just needs someone to talk to. We shared a message with her and her husband. We then helped Lynn with her homework.

Friday was moving day!! Some elders and sisters came to help us move! ah I was so glad we were moving! happy day! It took like four hours but it was so worth it! Our new apartment is SO nice! I feel a little spoiled. The apts are night and day. We haven't got to see many people this week because of moving!

Saturday we had a baptism!!! Pete Rossi got baptized! He is so awesome and SO ready! We got there early to fill up the font. And then 5 minutes til 9am (when it was supposed to start) we realized the person who we asked to play the piano was not there! So we called her and she couldn't make it and she felt SO bad. We totally should have texted her to remind her the day before but we were just so busy with moving. But it was fine because Sister Jones can play, thankfully! We just had to switch the songs around. I ended up leading the music...baha bad idea cause I cannot lead to save my life but I faked it. The spirit was so strong and Pete was SO happy! I can't believe I had my first baptism within my first 6 weeks! We just need to work on his parents! yay! We then went to chick-fil-a for lunch because our stake correlation guy gave everyone in our district $50 gift card to there. HALLELUJAH. We then with Sister Oldham and Sister Devlin went to clean our old apartment. OH MY GOODNESS. I think we were there for over 4 hours. We had to clean everything and it was the grossest thing of my life. I can't believe I lived there because it is just nasty. The missionaries destroyed it. We then got to see Mike Gonzales, a less-active. We brought our ward mission leader and his wife. It went well! They talked too long...but they connected well and he was at church the next day! So awesome! He has a car collection, haha so funny. There is something missing in his life and we can't figure it out.

Sunday was a long day but we didn't have ward council!! YAY! It was a wonderful Christmas Sunday. Pete got confirmed and sustained a priest today! Very exciting! I taught gospel principles about tithing. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to take up all the time but it went well. People are giving us so many gifts this Christmas! I was not expecting it! Members are so nice! We then went to say goodbye to Cheyenne and she had a nonmember friend over so we shared A Savior is born! The DeBenckendorff's texted us saying they had an open house today. But we were not sure if it started or ended at 7 and they didn't reply when we asked so we showed up at 7:15! I'm so glad we did because I guess no one showed up to their party and they were super bummed! I love them so much! We shared a message and their daughter Megan listened in! She is not religious at all but is starting to listen to us! Her heart is being softened! I really love her a lot! Her two kids are so sweet! She is just here for 2 months. Her husband is away in the army. I got her son to walk! I guess he has never taken steps but he did for me! They were so happy about it! They are really starting to open up and they are one of my favorite families! She later texted us thanking us for coming over cause we really cheered them up! They also won't be having any Christmas gifts cause her work isn't going well. She is a single mom. But she is so thankful her family can be all together! She has such a great attitude and this is what Christmas is really all about! Family and centering it on Christ!

I hope you all have the best Christmas! This Christmas for me has been so good but so different! It has been amazing being a missionary this season time! It really makes me think about Christ and has given me a whole new perspective. Serving full time really is the best thing I could be doing right now! I am so glad I am here in Arizona! I am so happy to be a missionary! 

The Savior is born so that he could give us the greatest gift! THE ATONEMENT! He truly did atone for all of our sins and I am so grateful for that! I love my Savior and that through Him I can be made whole.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

I love you all SO much!

Merry Christmas <3

Sister Fisher


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