November 3, 2014

falling for fall

I can't believe this semester is already halfway over. It definitely has been a different semester. All my friends are pretty much gone but I love hanging out with the boys and maddi. I feel like I have learned a lot this semester. I learned I only need two more semesters after this one to graduate! So crazy! I don't feel old enough. I have no idea what I will do after I'm done. But I have a while to decide. Lately I have been thinking about what it means to be happy. Honestly I never think about this because luckily I'm normally always happy. I know what makes me happy. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm a person who likes to go out and do things. When I don't have anyone to go out and do things with I go crazy bored and get lonely. We are never alone though. I'm so glad I have my Heavenly Father. He has taught me so much and I am so grateful for the people he puts in my life. It is the simple things we do everyday that makes us happy. We can't wait around to be happy. Decide to be happy and be positive. If someone screws you over, forget about them. They aren't worth it. Put your head up and move on. I'm so lucky to have great roommates and friends. Hopefully a man will fall into my life soon but for now I am happy. We can't rely on someone else to make us happy. Choose what makes you happy. I love fall so much. I love the yellow leaves, pumpkin carving, sweater weather, hot chocolate, and scary movies. To sum up my semester so far...

-Scoops Ice Cream
-Civil Defense Caves
-Slack Lining
-Taco Bell
-Jeru Crew
-Pumpkin Patch
-Pumpkin Carving
-Soccer Games
-R Mountain
-Hot Springs
-Kelly Canyon
-Apple Picking
-Halloween Parties
-Hocus Pocus
-Caramel Apples
-G's Dairy
-Walking Dead
-Soda Vine
-Mcdonalds Sunday Nights (after midnight)

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