September 22, 2014

one week down

So I have been at school for over a week, it already feels like I have been here forever though. The first week of school is always so long. It's been good to be back in Rexburg though. I kind of forget how it felt though. Homework, mormons everywhere, static hair along with dry eyes and chapped lips, curfew, roommates, tractors, and well nothing. Rexburg is in the middle of no where but I love it. I drove to Rexburg all by myself on friday. It really wasn't too bad actually. I got to Rexburg and the boys helped me get me moved in. So nice of them. I have a butt load of crap. 
Saturday I pretty much spent the whole day unpacking and then we all went to shake out. It already feels like fall. It gets pretty cold at night already. We then went to Sammy's and listened to a band sing. I'm so glad Maddi and then boys are here. I don't know what I would do without them. 
We went to our church on Sunday and it was good. It is a total new ward so no one knows each other. Which I guess is good for me since I am new to the willows. I like my roommates. I room with all randoms and my actual roommate is Peyton. She is awesome. I got lucky. All my roommates are about to graduate and almost all have boyfriends. So they are all pretty busy. They are all so chill and nice though. It's going to be a good semester. Monday I walked into my first class and it was so good to see a familiar face! Tyler my old fhe bro is in my capstone class! I am also taking art history II, ceramics, intermediate photography, art seminar, and d&c.
I had to celebrate my first day of class with chick-fil-a duh that just opened in the crossroads.
We went out with friends to costa. and then went to maddi's fhe at ijump cause it was free duh. it was so so fun. I brought leo as well. 
constitution day
my room, i love it
Nielsens because it's so good.
temple walks with these kids
picking out glasses for leo
After a crazy week back to school, it was nice to have a relaxing day on friday with no classes. I did some homework. I went out to dinner with my jeru friends! It was so good seeing them. Then my friends seth came to town to pick up his tv that I brought from home. loved seeing seth, he then drove back in the middle of the night, crazy kid. My sister came into town that night to. She shot a wedding with Martha on Saturday.
Jeru reunion with these two!
Rock the Block
In the morning Leo came over and we made breakfast with Brittany. I then went bridge jumping cause my friend from jerusalem garrett invited me. It was fun but terrifying. We then swam to the waterfall which was so cold but yet so fun. seriously love my boys.
love driving on country roads
car wash
Saturday night I went to the ivy dance party for a little but it sucked so my sister picked me up and we went to G's Dairy. Best Ice cream! We then had a girls night and watched a chick flick. It was fun spending some time with britt.
It's been a great first week of school. No idea was this semester will hold but I am excited. I am ready to work hard.

Goals for the semester:
-get good grades
-make friends
-participate in the ward
-read scriptures daily
-serve others
-bond with roommates
-be a friend to everyone
-work out!!
-have fun :)

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