September 8, 2014

nanny life

My life this summer was these kids. Being a nanny full time this summer was way fun but also a lot of work. Some days were easy, some days were real rough. It mainly depended on how well the kids listened and their attitudes. I learned a lot about kids and bring a nanny. It's hard being a nanny because you're not the parents and you can't make all the rules and I feel like they don't respect you as much. I started working for the kids at the end of April. Until school ended I was with the for after school care. I mainly just helped Jeaniana with homework. It was hard to get her to do homework sometimes.

Jeaniana and Simon are cute kids and we had a fun summer. Their parents wanted them to have somewhat of a schedule cause they work better that way. So we had learning time, exercise time, library time, science time, and free time. Getting them to do learning time was next to impossible. I wish I didn't have to make them do it but it was good so that they realize that I am in charge. That was hard at the beginning because they thought of me more as a friend and Jeaniana loves to boss people around, especially her brother. Poor Simon. I don't know how he puts up with it. By the end I put the kids in time out so much cause they fought ALL the time. They were with each other all day so they really got on each other's nerves. Also on my nerves haha. People thought they were my kids when we went places cause they kind of look like me haha. I got some weird looks. You really can't let anything slide with kids. I am a fun nanny but you can't always have it be fun. They need discipline. That was hard for me sometimes. The dad worked at home and so it was hard to discipline the kids when he was home. He wasn't always home though. Simon is a cutie, he is four and loves to cuddle. He also loves to dress up in his sisters clothes...and plays barbies. He always talked in a baby voice which was kind of annoying to be honest haha. Jeaniana is 7 and is very bossy and sensitive. She is cute though when she isn't in one of her moods. 

I sound like I am complaining a lot haha and that I hated my job, but it was work, I mean work is work. But it was a good job, not the best nanny job but I tried to make the best of it. I got super bored though sometimes cause the kids only wanted to play with cars or barbies. By the end I basically stopped playing with them and just watched them play. Haha I'm the worst. But they had the weirdest games. I really had to entertain myself sometimes. I cleaned A LOT. I felt like that's all I did sometimes. The kids never wanted to do anything either. That was a pain. But I always got them to go out. I liked getting them out of the house, I was less bored, the kids fought less, it was easier, and the house was cleaner. The kids loved me and we did a lot of awesome things. Here are some pictures of our fun summer.
Pine Lake
Pine Lake
Farmer's Market
Parks for days
Pool time
Lake Sammamish
making jello
milk bubbles
Lunch time
picnic in backyard
forever wanting to be a girl
"learning time"
I wear them out
Art project
having them wash my car
free slurpees
took them boating
making ride crispy treats
Snoqualmie Falls
making cookies
dressing up like a girl
running through sprinklers in a dress?
blueberry picking
exploring the woods
making a fort
out again
wild waves!
wild waves
she lost a tooth!
they love playing in the sand
discovery park
hand in the mouth = tired
picking up sissy from school
trampoline time
silly faces
ebright park
i spoil them
Jeaniana's dance recital
bike rides
play dates
strawberry picking
science experiments
I ended work a week ago and it's so nice not working. I learned a lot but I am so ready to go back to school! I worked a ton but I still feel so broke! I was lucky to get this awesome job this summer.

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