September 8, 2014


Monday: I picked up leo and we went straight to Sarah's soccer game cause it was right by the airport. We then went to lunch at this Australian place. We then went to hot cakes! Really yummy lava cakes! SO good! We then went to the locks with my family. I then took him to the seattle waterfront. It was beautiful out and then we went on the ferry to bainbridge island. We then met my parents at ivars and took the boat out on Lake Union! 

Tuesday: We slept in and then went to Snoqualmie Falls. I then had a court date to reduce my speeding ticket. Then I had work to train the new nanny. Last day of work woo! We then just chilled at home and played in the rain. 
Wednesday: I showed Leo Pikes and the space needle. We then headed home to go paragliding! It was an awesome day. My mom crashed though...oops. She is okay though!
Thursday: We went to Mt. Rainier! My dad was climbing it the next day so we drove up with him the day before and went hiking around it. We went to panorama point. It was beautiful!! I just love it up there! One of the best hikes I have been on. Breath taking! 
Friday: We took my car in to get it fixed and then we went boating! It might be my last day on the lake for the summer. I love this lake and love seattle. I am going to miss it so much! We then had lanponi (of course) and then I took Leo on top of the Space Needle to end his trip. It was a great week and I am so glad he came to visit! Definitely kept me from boredom! I'm excited to go back to school! It really has been a great summer! Thanks for visiting me Leo!

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