September 11, 2014

and apparently summer is over

How is summer over?? I leave for Rexburg tomorrow and I am so excited! This is basically just going to be a photo blog of the last half  of summer that I haven't already posted. It's been a really great last half of summer. A lot of my friends a year older came home from their missions. I basically socialized every night. We had a lot of fun. My favorite is when we went to Cle Elum to Tucker's cabin. It was way fun. We went four wheeling and played lots of games. Also got in my first car accident...just got the car back today! Hydroplaned down a hill...hit tuckers car...but everything worked out fine! Well this has been a great summer, long but great. Enjoy the pics!
I'm going to miss Seattle but I am so ready for this semester. It's going to be an adventure. Rexburg I'm coming for you.

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