August 10, 2014


So I am posting this like a week late, but better late than never am I right? I went to sandpoint and can I just say best week of my life? It was heaven over there! It's in northern Idaho and is a cute little town. The lake was gorgeous! A little colder than lake Sammamish. We stayed in the Rands lake house. It was perfect! We are so lucky they invited us! I love the Rands! 

Driving up there was a struggle but the week made up for it. We ran out of gas and so we had to hitchhike to a gas station. Some one finally helped us out and picked up my dad. It was this really nice guy who was a total hick haha. We gave him some money and food. He was really funny. Then our car battery died and so he had to help us with that haha. We finally got in at like 2, after trying to find the house for a while.

There was 5 families total, Rands, Fishers, Flakers, Beans and Bishopps. There mainly was younger children so I got to invite a friend! I invited Maddi and I am so glad I did! It was a lot of fun with her. We basically went boating, toured the town, bike rides, kayaking, swimming, bridge jumping, eating lots of good food (like real good), jet skiing, canoeing, campfires, hiking, berry picking, etc. It was fun getting to know the other families cause I really didn't really know them. There were so many adorable children there. Here are some pictures of my week:
lake house, tree house, cottage
Got to ride in this car to get some cinnamon rolls!
tube wars are the best
22 ft. jumped twice so fun!
tried skiing but failed...
i just love surfing!
new sport? body surfking
love these boys
Maddi :)
Mickinnick hike!
Sleeping in a tree house, magical.
feel in love with jet skiing
friendly neighbors let us borrow his kayaks!
yummy shakes
home made cafe rio??? yes please
hot tubbing
reese, cutest girl ever
mom's blueberry/peach cobbler
berry picking
held a snake for the first time!
bocce ball
best hostess!
yoga at sunset
canoeing at night
maddi caught a fish!
paddle boardin errday
Thanks Rands so much for your hospitality!!!

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