August 15, 2014

california lovin'

Last week I got to go to disneyland! It was so so fun. A group of us went who didn't get to go to Peru. #disneyoverperu My parents and brother are in peru for 16 days. So I took the sisters to disneyland! We flew there last tuesday night and wednesday morning we went to a character breakfast with everyone. Guess who got to come with me? LEO! We had a great and LONG day. There at 8am to midnight. Lines weren't too bad. There were a few lines we had to wait a while for. Fass passes are the best though.
Thursday we went to California Adventure! Leo didn't come with us so it was a lot of good sister bonding. I got to ride Calirnia screamin and tower of terror like 5 times each. Best rides ever. We saw a little bit of the world of color and then went to the tower of terror and there was no line cause it was closing, best decision of the day. Disneyland was so fun w/ lots of churros, icecream, and happiness. Also a necessary ihop run was needed after.
Friday Leo picked us up and took us to the beach! It was a great day of relaxing after two days on our feet. We went to huntington beach and balboa beach. It was beautiful! I love california beaches. Sadly we had to leave, we of course stopped by inn n out before we left for the airport. It was a good trip with a lot of laughs and sunshine. Til next time california!

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