July 3, 2014


So I think just with being a girl comes with being self conscious with our bodies. I know I always have been. I like to eat. There is no doubt about it. I know I don't need to lose that much weight. For me it is my stomach area. I have never been comfortable with it. I wanted to lose weight there which is the HARDEST. It's the place I carry my weight. I try to hide it pretty well. I have always tried to lose weight but it never works. My mom and I went on this diet last month. Protein shakes for days. It was my first time going on a diet. And let me tell you I suck at it. Haha. I definitely broke the rules more than once. I have tried to work out every day. I have felt so good this month with eating healthy and working out every day. It can be very hard to get up and workout. Especially with a full time job but I did it and you can to. You just have to make time for it. There is time. I have worked out late at night just to get it in. I have tried to avoid eating out and I drink lots of water. I have had lots more energy and I am just a lot more happy. And nothing is impossible. Remember that.  
Last friday after a long week of work, I know I needed to go running cause it had been over a week cause I had just been so busy. I was working out just not running. I have a love/hate relationship with running. It's always been hard for me because I have flat feet so my feet always start hurting after 20 mins. Or I have knee problems. Also it is just hard. Anyways, so I get home watch tv for an hour and then decide to go. The weather was perfect for running. Foggy and rainy and not hot or cold. This whole summer I have only been going 2 miles each time. Which is a lot for me haha. The longest I have ran is 3 miles and that's with stopping. So I got out planning on just running 2 miles. I get to 2 miles by my house and I'm like I think I can do 3 miles so I do 3 and I still feel really good. I even go to my house and I am about to stop but then I turn back around and just keep running. It was so weird. I ran through neighborhoods in my neighborhood cause I didn't think I would go that much farther. After I ran 4, I thought hey I can do 6 miles. I was so excited just running 4 miles. I had never ran that far. I was praying for rain cause I love running in the rain. And guess what it started raining! A sign from God that I should keep running? haha. My knee started hurting running downhill about the 5th mile. I was like crap. But I didn't let it bother me. I never got hot or out of breathe. I did really have to pee though haha. And I hadn't eaten dinner so I was a bit hungry. But just mainly thirsty. Just every mile completed was so excited to me. Luckily my phone was fully charged before I left so I music the whole time. I HAVE to run with music. I just kept running. I felt like forest gump. After I hit 7 miles I decided to do 10 miles and then I was like why not just do 13.10 miles which is a half marathon! How cool would it be to say I ran a half marathon? I am never in a running mood so I figured I should just do it. I knew I would be so sore but I didn't care. At the 11th mile my sister called me saying that there was someone in our house...she was home alone with her friends. My parents were out of town. It was 9:30 at night. I know she was probably being a little dramatic, her and her friends are like that. So I was getting a little freaked out cause I was running in the dark...haha but nothing was going to stop me from doing this! I only had two more miles! The last mile was hard. I just wanted to be done. My phone finally said 13.10 miles and I immediently stopped running. It was the weirdest feeling. Like I hit a wall. I was so weak so I just laid on someones grass for a little. I then walked home and ate a bunch of blueberries and cereal haha. When I told my family they didn't believe me. I mean I ran 10 more miles than I had ever ran. It was a big deal for me. I was so proud of myself. Everything was in pain haha. i could barely walk. I was so sore the next two days. But now it is just my foot that hurts...which is really annoying. Cause I want to run again! But biking it is for this week at least. I still can't believe I ran that much. I never in my life thought I would even run 6 miles. The weather really helped, cause I can't run when it is hot. For some reason my feet didn't hurt until the 10th mile. Which is a miracle. Who knows if I will ever be able to run that far again. I hope so. One day I want to run a marathon! I think that's a little to optimistic though...
So I am just saying you can do hard things or that you never thought you could do. Nothing is impossible! I think running is also the mindset. I just kept telling myself that I could do it. Even if it took my over 3 hours...I am still so proud of myself. This month I have lost 5 lbs, and 15.4 inches on my body. Which is a lot for me. I never lose weight. I have been this size forever. I just really want to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Don't get me wrong. I will definitely eat crappy foods but I am going to limit it. I am going to continue to get fit. I want to feel better and be comfortable in my own skin. Even if my results are slow. I can slowly see it. Just never give up. Just do it.

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