July 26, 2014

life's awesome

This past month or so has just been go go go. I finally have some time to sit down and do a blog post about life. Well mainly pictures, let's get real, I hate writing, love pictures. I feel like all I do is work but that's not completely true. Work hard play harder am I right? I'll do a blog post about my nanny job later.

This summer consists of:
- lots of boating
- tube wars
- meeting some awesome tanzanians
- fires by the lake
- awkward ysa activities
- meeting new people
- hanging with the fam
- lots of sister bonding
- night walks with mom
- berry picking
- good food
- farmer's market
- bike rides
- lots of hiking
- running
- kayaking
- buying my own car!! (don't know what I would do without it)
- concerts
- seattle
- night swimming
- canoeing
- the bachelorette! (of course)

Life's good, no it's awesome. I can't complain I pretty much love being home but I am so excited to go back to school. Here are some pictures to prove I do these things cause it didn't happen if there isn't a picture to prove it. (picture's are random)



So I know it happened forever ago but I'm finally blogging about my camping trip to Port Angeles over the 4th! It was such a fun trip. We left thursday night and took a ferry to get over to Bainbridge Island.  
We got there and set up camp and basically just went to sleep. I was so tired cause I was getting sick. We got up and tried to make breakfast...but I mistakingly brought a broken stove...so we had to make pancakes, eggs and bacon over the stove. haha it took forever. It was fine though.
We finally left camp and went to the shore. It was so pretty. We got to look at tide pools and walk down the shore. 
We then went on a little hike by Crescent lake to a waterfall. I don't remember the name of it but it was pretty. I just love being in nature.
It then started raining so we had dinner in Port Angeles. A lot of places were closed but we finally found a place. Thai food in the 4th! HOLLA
The city was so cute and small. It was sunset time and it SO beautiful! I went crazy with the camera. I loved being on the pier. 
There was this rock band playing and we danced crazy. It was very fun. I loved the people there. Then the fireworks started, it wasn't the biggest show but it was the prettiest on the water!
We got home and had a fire and played card games.
The next morning we went to madison falls. It was right by our campsite! Not even a walk to it!
We walked around lake crescent and oh my gosh I wish it was sunny cause it is the bluest lake ever. AH I loved it! I want to go back! So beautiful. We got to a spot where there was a bridge where people were jumping off. They lived there and were telling us to go to this tunnel and then jump off the rocks. I was so down even though we were in clothes and it wasn't warm out. The tunnel was really cool and so random. It was huge! There was these rocks to jump off. I was sooo scared when I got up there but I did it! It was super fun.
It was time to go home and we were all so tired. It was a good little getaway. I hadn't been camping for a while so it was fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'MERICA!