June 5, 2014

no longer a teen.

So I made it out of the teen years! Crazy how time has flown by. I still feel like a teenager but I'm so glad those high school years are over. So I have been home for over a month. It's definitely been a lot different than Jerusalem. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of the Holy Land. A little boring at times but I have still have adventures and fun times. I hang out with kelsey, tanner, derek, madison, and michael mainly. There are a few other people home. So I have a few friends but I am pretty much ready to go back to school haha. 

It's nice hanging out with family cause who knows this could be my last summer with them. Also free food is nice. I'm still looking for a car...it's been frustrating trying to find one. I've been hiking and eat yummy food and it's been great. I go to the singles ward and it isn't too bad. I have a calling, I'm in the relief society activities committee. Today though I started this diet with my mom for a month. It's basically you eat two shakes a day and a healthy meal, then there is a cleanse day once a week. It won't be too bad. I'm starting to work out again and it feels great. Getting started is the hardest part. It's going to be harder when I work full time though which is in less than two weeks. It will be good though cause the kids won't have school and we can do fun things and I need to make more money! I want to save up to go on a humanitarian project next summer. I wanted to do it this month but didn't have enough money. Well here are some pictures of my time at home!
I hiked little si, I want to eventually hike mt. si, I think I could do it. Maybe on a not so hot day haha.
Jeaniana and Simon on the tramp, great kids
Had a fun day at pikes!
Sarah and I got free tickets to the sounders game! So fun!
Kelsey's birthday
Squak mt.
I got sung to at XXX root beer. Life long dream
Brooke came to visit me! It was so great seeing her!
first henna ever! Only $5
I got to go to folk life again this year and the weather was so nice!
Hiked to Stan's overlook and got to see these beauties! I love seeing my jerusalem friends!
Dad took me mt. biking for the first time and it is so hard...idk if I want to do it again. So much balance and such. 
I spoil them with icecream
I went to see Jeaniana dance!
First day boating! Favorite activity by far.
I get up and just stand there cause I have no talent lol
Hopefully I'll get tan this summer...
My birthday was great, it started off by my mom making a yummy omelet and then we went to hike poo poo point. One of my favorite hikes. It reminds me of when I went parasailing. We hiked it in 54 mins without stopping! I was so proud of myself. I love hiking now. It's great exercise. I then went to work and got back and went to dinner at Tokyo Steakhouse. It was so yummy! I love it cause they make the food in front of you and it is so entertaining. I then had some friends over and had cake. The best chocolate cake from qfc. We then had a fire and ate some s'mores and of course some root beer. It was a great birthday. I have a feeling this next year is going to be a big and crazy one. I'm excited for what it has to bring!

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