May 2, 2014

what's next?

So...what's next? I just went on the biggest adventure in my life and now I'm home having withdrawals and confused at the fact that I can go out on my own and not stay in a group of three? And that I can eat in any room of my house and can go around the house without wearing shoes. Not to mention that I can snack anytime I want! Not gonna lie it is really nice being back home in America. I love the freedom and american food! It's nice to be back with my family. I do miss my other home though.

So I got back and immediately had inn n out in Utah. It tasted so good. I then had to last the whole day at Brittany and Brian's graduation (congrats you guys). We then had tucanos that night, it was way good but I was just so tired. I stayed up til like 7am jeru time. I then stayed in Utah the whole weekend. I hung out with my sister and brother in-law and got to hang out with my jeru friends! It was so good seeing them.

Mt. Rainier
I got home on Monday. And I came home to sunny seattle?? It has been so nice this week! I started a nanny job on Tuesday. The kids are very cute. Right now it is just after school care which is nice so that I can get other things done and relax for a bit. I love being home being able to sleep and relax! I didn't sleep at all in Jerusalem. It was go go go all the time. I will then work full time in the summer with the kids. 
It might be a longgg summer but at least I have some of my best friends here! Basically everyone is at school, married, or on missions. So that's cool. I might go a little crazy with not socializing a ton cause that's all I did in Jerusalem. I like my alone time though. Hopefully I will make friends in the singles ward. I'm going to try to make the best of this summer. Last night I jumped in the lake for the first time! It was fun seeing everyone. The water was cold but outside was so warm that it was fine. We then went in Kelsey's hot tub. I want to keep improving this summer so I have made some goals/things I want to do this summer:
  • Read Book of Mormon
  • READ books
  • Eat healthier
  • Work out four times a week
  • Hike, hike, hike
  • Socialize as much as I can
  • Catch up on tv shows
  • Work on my photography - take pics and start a photography blog!
  • Work on my relationship with my family
  • Learn how to cook
  • Make money!
  • Enjoy the summer
Hopefully I can do all these things, I'll try hard to. I'm excited for summer though. I love summer in Seattle. I'll be busy with nannying though, but I will take them to do fun things. I'm hoping I go on at least one vacation. I'll need it! I'll try hard to write in my blog...I actually hate writing and my life isn't as exciting now. I'll try to keep up with my life! Shalom for now!

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