May 1, 2014

the red sea, knesset, and kotel tunnel.

Monday April 7:

Monday I had to do my Belnap final so I was basically doing that all day. I got out for a little bit to go to omar's and jimmy's and to get to istanbul (really good shawarma).
 Tuesday April 8:

Tuesday was a fun day of shopping, we had a lot of gifts souvenirs to get.
 Wednesday April 9:

Wednesday was the best day! We went snorkeling Eilat in the Red Sea! We got up early and had to drive about 3.5 hours. We just slept the whole way. It was fun cause there were no leaders on the bus. It was the perfect beach day. It was nice and hot outside. The snorkeling was so fun! I was probably out there a total of 3 hours. We all had to share the stuff which was funny. We are all like family. It was a little gross at first but then I got over it. The fish were beautiful! Bluest water I had ever seen! It was a great day and we all got way sunburned even though we were told multiple times to put sunscreen on. Across the water you could see Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt!
 Thursday April 10:

Thursday was an awesome day because we got out of school at 9am! We first stopped to the russian tower of the ascension, it is under construction so sadly we couldn't do up. There was a church there and very pretty grounds though.
We then went the Russian Church of Mary Magdalene. It is only open on weird hours so I hadn't gone yet but really wanted to go. The outside is beautiful. The inside isn't as pretty as I thought it was going to be though.
We then stopped at the gethsemane grotto, which is right by the tomb of Mary. This is where Jesus and his disciples often camped at night. In this natural grotto, it is believed, the disciples slept while Jesus prayed, and Jesus was betrayed by Judas and arrested.
We then went back to the center for lunch. We then took vans to the knesset because they had english tours on thursdays. It was interesting but a bit boring. It was Alicia's birthday so we then went to the theater and got ice cream. Holy cow it was an amazing theater! We had fun there. 
We then had a class trip to the kotel tunnel. We were driven there and back in the party van! Haha the driver has awesome lights and blasts music. We all danced the way there and back. The kotel is a tunnel that goes along the western wall. The tunnel was excavated in the late 1860s. It was crazy how large some of the stones were. We passed Warren's Gate, a sealed off entrance to the temple mount. It is considered the closest point to the Holy of Holies of the temple. Jews pray there. The tour was pretty amazing! 
 Friday April 11:

That work I had been working on Belnap's paper about exegesis and eisegeses. It was the hardest paper I had ever written but I am so happy that's over! I went out to the city for a little on Friday. It's amazing how comfortable I have become in the city.
That night we had an informal talent show and I haven't laughed that much in a long time. It was so funny! The belnap kids were in it, they are the cutest kids ever. I'm gonna miss these people!

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  1. Natalie, I LOVE your blog, your testimony, your stories and pictures! What a GEAT job. You should be graded on your blog. Whenever did you have time to do it? LOVE YOU, Grandma Fisher