March 1, 2014

the parentals are here!

What another amazing week! I was studying all week for seely's ANE test but still made room for fun. Thursday I went out to the city with Haley and Homer. We stopped by Omar's who does amazing olive wood carvings. We just walked around, looked at some cool art. I just love how we don't need to have a plan, we can just wonder and not feel stressed about seeing something.
We went to this cool armenian pottery art place. I LOVED it! I thought the colors were so pretty. The guy had us come back and see how he made it. It was pretty cool. 
sweet art made my cotton
ping pong tournaments get cray cray
Thursday night we had a formal talent show and so many people are here so gifted.
blimp in the sky?
Cathedral of St. George
baptismal font
Above the organ
I die over the sunsets.
Friday after the humanitarian project we went out for a bit trying to get in the Tombs of the Kings, we went and they were there sadly. It's pretty hard to get in I guess, he will only let you in if you speak french to him. It was gorgeous out that day. We went across the street to St. George College which I hadn't been to. They had a really pretty cathedral there and we just walked around. Later that night we did country swing dance, I'm so bad at dancing with partners, and I just laugh the whole time. Also I'm pretty sure I watched frozen three times this week. Someone bought it on their laptop and it was on the tv 24/7.
Squeezing juice.
jaffa gate.
eating falafel.
I loved looking at my parent's faces in aw.
SO as you can see my parents are here! Oh what a treat this is for me. They flew in at 9:20 and I thought they weren't going to get to the center until after church. I was sitting in the back row right when you walk into the auditorium where sacrament is and someone tapped me on the shoulder and it was my parents! I was so surprised I almost starting crying! I was so excited! It was hard to contain myself the rest of sacrament. I am so lucky that they are here. It is so fun having them here. It is fun to share this special experience with them. Church was good. I loved the relief society lesson Sister Seely taught about sacrificing sheep. Her and Brother Seely teach so similarly. 

After church I took them to the old city. They were so excited. It was so fun getting falafel and fresh juice with them. It's also nice not having to pay for everything ;) It was fun being there tour guide and showing and telling them about everything. We then went to dinner at the center and they loved meeting everyone. It was so nice outside and the sunset was gorgeous. We went to the top floor and I gave them a tour of the center. They loved it and thought it was really cool. I can't believe they are here! It's kind of weird but great! They sent me things I needed and lots of food! The best! I won't see them the next couple days because they are on tour and I have finals but I'll see them again soon! I love having them here!


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  2. I'm so jealous of mom and dad! I'm glad that they got there safely and that you're all having so much fun! Also I just wanted to say that your photography is amazing. Your photos are getting better and better every day. They are so beautiful. Now you need to teach me since I have a camera now and then take me somewhere really pretty to shoot! Okay? Okay!

  3. Natalie, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blogs! Keep up the good work. Study hard! What wonderful memories you are making!!! Love you FOREVER! Grandma Fisher