March 3, 2014

tel aviv.

Yesterday we went to Tel Aviv! It was weirdly foggy but it wasn't cold. I wish it was sunny though, I definitely want to go back! We first went to the beach and swam in the Mediterranean! It was cold but wasn't too bad. It was so nice laying on the beach, playing volleyball, and swimming. Tel Aviv is a really cool city. It has a nice board walk which reminds me of California and then you go into the city, there are run down buildings and markets. I thought there would be more business buildings but there was a lot of hotels.
I got buried...the boys had too much fun.
jelly fish.

flying pigeons
They had the funniest work out thing.
coolest play ground.
I loved the markets. I think they are better than Jerusalem. There were a lot of cool vintage stores. 
We had a lot of, donuts, burgers, gelatos and smoothies.
love these girls
We went to the "Royal Beach" hotel and wanted to see if we could swim in their hotel and it was SO nice! Sadly it was cold and cost money to swim. But we go to shower in a really nice bathroom haha it was so funny.
We mainly just walked around all day. We were so tired by the end. It was a fun day though. I definitely want to go back! It is such a cool city.

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