February 2, 2014

my weekend.

So friday we had 6 hours of classes, and that was really hard because we were all exhausted. After class I took a 3 hour nap and then had dinner. That night I just hung out with people.
Saturday (sabbath) was a great day. Church was good but fasting was pretty hard. I am so used to having breakfast here, unlike at home. After church we went to the garden tomb and it is so peaceful there. I read my scriptures and wrote in my journal. Everyone is so friendly there, everyone talks to everybody. 
Today we went to the Rockefeller Museum, it was cool but definitely not as good as the ones we have seen. 
We then went to the Temple Institute where they have tours to teach us about the temples and the Holy temple's past. It was seriously so cool and interesting. It's crazy to me how dedicated they are about having the third temple built. They just can't cause the space is taken right now. It seems a little awk to me. They have a ton of symbolism in their temple. Some of them reminded me of our temple. In the picture above is the Menora that they made in preparation for the third temple to go right outside the holy of holies. The temple is very specific and has to be done right. I love learning about it. So this menora is a half a ton in weight. So crazy. And the outer layer is made out of gold. It costs 2 million dollars and half it on display for us to look at. I couldn't take any pictures inside the tour sadly.
so many awk door pics.
We then walked around and did some shopping. The vendors are so desperate for us to buy things.
We then went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. I have been here before but it was quick and we didn't get to explore. I got to look at where Christ was crucified. It's crazy in there because everyone is praying to things. The mosaic in there is beautiful. We got to see remnants of past saints and that was really cool. I feel like all these religions are very similar, but also very different.   
We saw this little door and went inside and there was another door that was led to Saint John the Baptist Church. It was really cool. There is a underground thing I guess but is only open on fridays.
so i like doors.
this spice pyramid is so cool.
damascus gate.
It was a good chill weekend. Tonight everyone is sleeping before the big game. The super bowl game is at 1am our time. So they are showing it in the well tonight so a lot of people are taking a nap before. I might go sleep for a little before it. GO SEAHAWKS.

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  1. The Spice Pyramid really does look awesome!! Bet it felt good to unwind a bit.
    Grandma Fisher