February 1, 2014

catching up.

Okay wow I haven't posted in forever. I went to Jordan and things got crazy busy. So a catch up on my life....
 Randomly last week on wednesday we went to a jazz concert at the yellow submarine. It was actually really cool and fun. They were really good. It was way chill and classy. I hope you enjoy this awkward photo.
Thursday we had a half day field trip to Jericho. Our first stop was at the Tel Es-Sultan. Jericho is located on the Jordan River flood plain next to a spring, which made an ideal spot for an ancient settlement. Jericho has a warm climate. Jericho is the site of Joshua's first conquest after crossing the River Jordan. I was at the lowest place on earth! how cool is that? 1300 ft below sea level.
Next we went to Herod's Winter Palace. I met the two cutest little girls there. They barely spoke english. They just smiled and made silly faces at us. I love taking pictures of children.
Our third stop was Quruntul Monastery. It was my favorite spot. There were little boys trying to sell us things. One of the boys told me he even loved me. Obviously just so I would buy something. We did a little hike up to it. It was beautiful with all the mountains. The monastery was in the middle of no where it was crazy. It was so beautiful. They built these monasteries to basically hide from the wind. Brother Woods talked to us there and Heather sang, she has such an amazing voice. The monastery is in the Judean Wilderness. 
I have a weird obsession with doors here.
Sunday morning before the caves we went to the city for a little. We went to Jimmy's olive wood shop, he gave us girls a free oil lamp. Everything is so pretty. This is where you can buy the olive wood nativity sets. Then we went to Shabbons's. All the mormons go to him, he sells byu shirts and scripture cases and such. I got a scripture case from him and a scarf and also a free ring.
Sunday we went to the Soreq Caves. It was about a 45 minute drive. A whole bunch of us went. It was so much fun. I just love being with everyone. The caves were pretty cool. It was pretty muggy in there though. Next stop Jordan!


  1. This is mom, why are you always surrounded by boys? Glad you are having a blast. Keep the post coming! Grandma is going home tomorrow. Had a blast watching the Seahawks kick some. Thanks for taking the extra time to do the blog. Just toooo funnn!

  2. hahahaha mom, why are you always surrounded by boys?