January 5, 2014

we fish you a merry christmas.

Merry LATE Christmas! oh and happy new year! I can tell 2014 is going to be a good one with lots of adventures. I have no idea what this year will bring but I am excited for it. It was so nice being home and with family. Here is a catch up on how I ended my year great. My dad took us rock climbing and it was really fun. i love rock climbing. my fore arms were sore the next day.
My dad took us rock climbing and it was really fun. i love rock climbing. my fore arms were sore the next day. 
Snowflake lane! Can you tell Paul enjoys my company? We then went to five guys after. So yummy.
Christmas Eve was filled with Christmas movies and games. My mom made a yummy dinner and creme brulee!
On Christmas morning I got the best Christmas gift! I got to skype David! He has been out over year. Crazy how time flies. It was good talking to him.
 I mainly got clothes for Christmas and things for Jerusalem. It was a really good Christmas and one I will never forget. We went to Grandma's and wow we were all so hyper. I don't know how grandma and grandpa handled us. We had a yummy dinner and gift exchange. We also took a traditional fisher pic.
 Fun night out at Wild Ginger! We ate out a lot haha.
 My dear friend Kaitlyn had a her farewell talk last week. It's crazy that all my girl friends are leaving on missions. She did such a great job, Virginia is lucky to have her! I'll miss her!
 We went to seattle one day and went to the pacific science center because we had free imax tickets we needed to use. We saw "the hubble" about the space telescope, it was pretty cool. We then went to get starbucks and went to kerry park for the view. We then went back to the pacific science center to see the laser show cause we also had free tickets. I don't know why I hadn't done it before. It was so cool! Then as we left we got dicks burgers. Man I love Seattle.
 New Years Eve this year was an interesting one. My family had their annual party and we went to that, played some just dance 2014 and then left to go to the ysa stake dance. Let me tell ya, it was WEIRD. weird people, awful music from 2011 and just some awk shiz. I still had fun though. It was just a weird new years. I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else though besides my woo girls. I love them! It was our last time for a while that all of us will be together.
 Brittany, Brian and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner and games. It was a good time.
 Can't visit home without going to Sammamish cafe! gosh i am obsessed with food.
We went skiing and Stevens Pass. It was a beautiful day and had just gotten 8 inches of fresh powder. It was perfect. I had a lot of fun and loved being with my family. It was really cool when it got dark and seeing all the lights in the snow.
Yesterday I took Hayley's and Tori's mission pics! They are just too beautiful for their own good. They are going to be awesome sister missionaries. I'm going to miss them so much. We had panera bread with kaitlyn before hand! Goodbyes suck!
I have now left Sammamish and I am in Utah for a couple days before I head of to Israel. It's still crazy to me that I am going. I am SO excited for the adventure ahead of me. Check this blog if you want to see what's going on with me in Jerusalem. Peace out america.

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