January 21, 2014

israel museum + negev fieldtrip

Things are going good here. I'm still loving every second. Sunday nights are game nights and everyone gathers in the Well for games. It is so fun. Sunday we went to the Israel Museum.
For one of our classes we got a list of all the the sites we should see at the Israel Museum. We have free passes so that was nice. We only needed to pay for the transportation. The Museum is HUGE. I couldn't believe it. We mainly we're supposed to see the archaeologist section. There was also modern art and some of it was weird but some was really cool!! There was a video of a bare butt walking so that was weird...There was just SO much to look at. We didn't see everything but we were there for like 3.5 hours. We saw part of the dead sea scrolls. I took Art history last year and I saw some of the art that we studied so that was pretty cool. 
We had some more time so we walked to the city. We did some shopping and got some yummy gelato. 
Monday we had our second field trip. We got up early and left on our buses. Our first stop was visiting the bedouin women who weave. They showed us how they make the quilts and such. They were really cool. I really wanted their bags but they cost a lot. Bedouin have a nomadic and tribal lifestyle, but most have abandoned it. They gave us this really good tea, and I don't even like tea. {herbal of course}
So the negev is a desert area in southern Israel. Negev means dry. Our second stop was Beersheba. This is where Abraham dug a well and took an oath, Beersheba means oath. It was pretty cool. We went into the water system underground and that was sweet. We had to wear these funny looking helmets because there was there were some shallow parts. Brother woods and Dr. Whitchurch spoke to us and then we ate lunch.
The last place we went was Tel Arad. The Israelis and Canannites used to live there. You could see a temple there that they reconstructed that was cool to see. It's crazy that they lived in the desert. It must have been SO hot! We then had a two hour bus ride back. It was pretty long. We then had dinner and fhe at the Gunthers. They are super nice. Julia and Dan are my fhe parents. I love my fhe family! I love it here! I don't really like all the studying but I feel like I am learning a lot. Some of the readings just go over my head though. Well Shalom (peace).

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  1. That pic of you eating gelato = adorbs. And I'm loving the cheetah pants!